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Friday, January 15, 2010

What water filter do you have?

My inspiration to write the last couple of days has waned and everything I think about writing I know I have addressed before. Is that what you call writer's block? I don't know, but trying to daily blog, well DAILY, is a challenge.

So for today, I will just throw this thought out there. We like to say we prepare by getting our 3B's, beans, bullets and band-aids, but if you have been reading about what is going on after the earthquake, you know the real and most pressing need is water. Being a hard commodity to store, the most logical thing to do is to get a water filter. I will confess, I only have a travel one and I am close to purchasing a big Berkey. I would love to hear from some folks who have the Berkey or some other filter that they are happy with. Any and all feedback is welcome, especially if you like one brand or type and have found it to really meet your need/expectation.

Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you,


Northwoods said...

My opinion is Berkey's might be spendy but are the only way to go.
Better yet, do as I do and make your own electricity (solar) to draw from your own well. That way you know exactly what you're drinking!
If you can't do that then at least befriend someone with a well and have an alternative power source to draw from it.
Just my two cents..

Help U Prep said...

Thanks, Northwoods, point taken. Until we get our own place, hands are tied on some things, but I think a Berkey is the way to go too.

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