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Friday, June 26, 2009

thoughts on influenza

Well, it appears that my family and I may have had the dreaded h1n1,swine flu. It wasn't bad. I hope it was -so we have some immunity come fall.
Took ds to the doc and they checked for strep, it was negative and they said it sounded like the flu and any flu going around right now is the swine one.
The interesting thing is that it is so mild. I got the cough and it was not pleasant, but a homepathic quelled the cough. It would not help to tell you which one, as homeopathics need to be dealt out for the individual and their specific symptoms.
The other interesting thing is that hospitals are being told to prepare for a large outbreak of flu this fall and at a meeting I attended about another subject, the first topic of discussion was that they strongly, strongly suggested we all get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, even if we don't usually get the flu vaccine. Said that they expect 5 different kinds of flu going around and that the h1n1 has been mutating.
I don't plan to take any shots. I will relate what a doctor told me though, and I don't know if it is true or not, but they said that the people who died in the big outbreak (in the early 1900's ?) were the ones that took aspirin and if we get the flu, not to take aspirin, ibuprophen or tylenol. Dear son still took it, as his headache was too bad and he seems to be just fine now.
Hope you are all prepping for the flu...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forced redistibution of wealth verses Charity (Christian theme)

I adhere to the Christian faith and am posting today in that vein. I hope those of you that do not believe as I do, still find truth within.

I read from Acts 4 today and I got to thinking about life and truth. Beginning at verse 29..(HUP's rendition) And now, Lord, take note of their threatenings and grant us to speak Your Word with all boldness; stretch forth Your hand in healing, signs and wonders in the Name of Jesus. They prayed and God answered by shaking the place they were gathered and filling them with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the Word with boldness. Then they were of one heart and one soul and they determined that the things that they owned was not their own, that the things the individuals possessed were to be held in common...and then no one among them lacked. They even sold houses and laid the proceeds at the apostle's feet to be distributed. Great Grace was upon them..... Going on to Acts 5 we see where a married couple decided to sell land and pretend they were giving all of the proceeds to the group, while secretly agreeing to hold back a portion. I am thinking that they wanted to look good, like they were also of "one heart and mind" when they really were not. They both suffered a severe judgement for lying, but what I want to note is what the apostle said in verse 4...When you owned the land, was it not your possession? And after you sold it, was the money not yours also? This clearly shows that God acknowledges that property is to be owned, meaning it is yours and you decide what you want to do with it, and it can be given away by free will. And Free Will is what makes us human. Giving of your substance to see that others have their need met, is called charity or love. It is the way of the Christian's God as I see it. He has given us all we need pertaining to godliness in this life and the next through the giving of His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now, if property is taken from you (against your will) and given to others without your consent, it is called stealing. And you can take steps against those who stole from you, for stealing is morally wrong and our system is based on these values.

If you enter into a contract with someone to give them your property in exchange for services or anything that benefits you, is it called business. And you enter into business by your own free will and are expected to keep your word and meet your contractual obligations, again based on the Judeo-Christian concept of covenant.

But what is it called when your property is taken from you and given to some goal or person that you do not choose to give charity to and you do not reap any benefit from through contract? Yuppers, it is still called stealing, although most of us have been brainwashed to think it is called taxes. Actually it is Tyranny. The founders of this nation acknowledged that the government only gains its authority by the consent of the governed. And I for one, no longer consent to the form of government I find myself living under; I no longer consent to my money being stolen from me and given to advance immoral goals or given to people I don't personally know and approve to receive my money. The government that the founders gave us, a representative Republic has morphed into a Democracy.

I also pray for boldness to speak this Word of Truth in an atmosphere that labels me a threat to my government. If we are to ever again attain the liberty we had at the beginning of this nation, voices of reason and truth must not be hushed into silence by fear or censorship. I hope many of you out there today will speak up, read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and if you don't understand something, study it, ask someone, google it, contact others with your questions and begin to understand just how far we have become enslaved. Then speak about it to others. Inspire others. Join with us in preparation - of not only the economic turmoil, but the changes in govenment that will also ensue.
God Bless,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Open letter to the congress critters

Found this letter that Glen Beck read on his show and then he talked to the author. It says what a lot of us feel. I hope you'll check it out.


The grandma who wrote it is serous about doing something...I hope it's not too late.

Keep preppin'

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just wondering if any of you folks out there in cyberspace have been experiencing the joy of having multiple "roundabouts" built into your roadways. A roundabout is a new way to direct traffic through an intersection. No stop sign(s) or "stop and go light" as they say in Wisconsin, is needed. Instead, everyone enters into one big circle and goes "round" until they reach the direction they wish to go. Of course you must yield to those already going round in the circle.

I encountered two of the dang things so close together it was a figure 8, and two lanes wide. If you were in the left lane you could not exit the blasted thing and there was not enough room to get over with all the other cars. Being in an area I was totally unfamiliar with, I was not able to navigate them safely and get to the store I could see in the near distance. I kid you not, it was nuts! Who is the person I can thank for these monstrosities? I am sure someone was paid to come up with them...and except for allowing a flow of traffic without using electricity, I really see no good use for them.

In fact I heard that a huge number of people in Green Bay showed up to oppose several of these roundabouts being created, but the council rejected them, then was made to reconsider. I don't remember how it turned out.

So, any one out there have any info and ideas about this? Is there some good reason for them?

As to how it relates to preparedness, well, if you have a bug out route all planned, be sure you know about any of these goofy things that might be coming your way soon and plan accordingly.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power in Numbers and slight rant

There is power in numbers. And our numbers are growing everyday. More and more people are standing up and saying they are not going to go along with the program any longer. I was just talking to someone I have known for some time, but had no clue he was a "gets it" rather than a "doesn't get it" and I was more convinced than ever that there are so many more of us out there than we even know. Thank God for the Internet that allows us to connect and support each other. And now that the prez is being so outspoken about loving and being committed to the socialistic path we are on, more people are willing to come forward and let their opinions be known, to speak against the ptb and their answers to our national problems.

I find it comforting to meet people who have been in the know for 10 and more years and have been quietly preparing for the events we see unfolding about us.

The question is how do we yield our power? How to we come together and with one voice demand the ptb restore our freedoms? This is not just a political question; this is the essence of what made American the land of the free. How do we best utilize our power? Who will lead us and our movement?

I have friends that really support the tea parties and that is on the surface ok, it is giving those who are newly aware an avenue where they can protest, but they are already being infiltrated and watered down by certain special interest groups and written off by the mass media. I don't doubt that the ptb do recognize that more people are coming forward, and are trying to covertly move the tea parties into being controlled and moved into uselessness.

I fear that civil war is just around the bend and I do not look forward to it. I know there are those that do. Those who are so tired and fed up with being slaves and they think the only way to restore the republic is to take it back by force. Not to say that force is not at times necessary, but I pray somehow we do not come to that. However, if the ptb decide to have U.S. citizens register all guns or start demanding they be handed over, I expect we will go full force into civil war.

Most people just want to be left alone, to be free to live their lives. To make their own choices and to reap the rewards of their own hard work, not see the fruit of their labors go to who the ptb choose to give them. We have been the frog in the pot of water that has been slowing being warmed, but many of us have come to see what is going on and we are out of the pot and helping others to get out too. We are no longer being lulled into a stupor, but are ready to say to the ptb, your position was created to serve, not be served. To protect our rights, not to destroy them. To guarantee our freedoms, not to trample them underfoot.

If we did not have the fall of the dollar looming over our heads, we might have the time to infiltrate the present system and change it from within. But I do not think we will have that option, so we prepare for the collapse of society as we know it and educate ourselves and those around us so that when the ptb say, "we have the solution, one-world currency, one-world government, collectivism is the answer," we will say, nada. We choose freedom and limited government. Local government, small government, limited government. We are learning to grow our own food and take care of ourselves and get back to the common sense values of our ancestors, If you won't work, you won't eat. The choice is up to you.

Of course I am not against charity for those who are truly needy and we admonished to help the less fortunate. But dang if I want my tax dollars going to study cow farts! Our public servants have become insane with the powers they have yielded for way, way too long. They have had way too much of our hard earned money to spend on ridiculous projects. And they have made a mockery of this once great republic.

So it is time we demand the insanity stop and our freedoms returned. But my question remains, what is the best way to accomplish that goal?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Just came across some really great articles written by Micheal Gaddy.
Follow this link: http://www.lewrockwell.com/gaddy/gaddy-arch.html

We are in a battle and it has many fronts. In my mind the number one front is philosophical. If you do not know what you truly believe and where you draw the line, you could live to regret it. The definition of what is right to do and what is not changes when evil rules, yet many do not understand that. Rahab was praised for lying to her government authories. David faked being insane before a king and saved his own skin. Corrie Ten Boom lied an stole from the German oppressors and hid Jews, which was agaisnt the law.

Another front we fight on is in the media. It is hard to get to the truth when the major media are not unbiased, not interested in getting to the truth, and all most people hear is just propaganda.

And another major battle we face is denial. Even those who are starting to "get it" still fall back into denial because it is much easier than to face the hardships that are coming at us like a locomotive, especially when you are short on funds.

I don't like to go overboard with the warnings and use scare tactics just to frighten people into action, but we really do need to get motivated. If I knew a hurricane was coming within 3 days and did nothing because it was sunny and I didn't want to face facts, I would deserve my fate. If I knew and prepared, but did nothing to warn my friends and neighbors, I would feel responsible for their fate. So I am issuing a warning today friends: PREPARE.


The time is now, today. Spend some time on your preps and let those you love know your concerns about the future. Approach your neighbors and those you see as you go about your day. Share this website with them and ask them if they think there is anything to it. START TAKING THE FALL OF AMERICA SERIOUSLY, because this is what is happening...America is going down the tubes, even as you read this.

I truly believe it will take a miracle to save this once great nation, but I do believe in miracles. I hope you will join me in doing all that we can, and praying that God will do the rest.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet and Greet

I know there are a lot of fellow preppers out there reading this blog and was just wondering if there would be some interest in having a meet and greet. If you are interested, please post a reply and what part of the state would be best for you. It is going to be all about connections as things in the economy get worse. Hopefully we can get some groups formed around the state and host some meetings that are informational as well as instructive for many of the newbies.
Thanks for your response,
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