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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do you "Pledge"?

Has anyone else out there stopped doing the “pledge of allegiance” when the time comes? You know at a public assembly of some kind? I can't do it any longer. I refuse to say it. The first time it happened, I hadn't really planned it, I just knew it was wrong. And I then noticed I was not the only one who was not participating.

Yesterday I read that the person who wrote it was a socialist and it was pointed out that the part that says “indivisible” was to get people to think that the states could not secede, and of course that was a good thing...not. And what better way to get it into the minds and psyches of people but to have them memorize it as children and say it day after day in the day-jails, our government-run indoctrination buildings.

And now I read that our dear prez is wanting to lay the groundwork to make sure states don't think they can exercise their rights individually, by forming some other unconstitutional committee made up of 10 state governors. I found the article and info on Mayberry's site, great guy that Mayberry. Take a look-see here


And for those that are saying this is a slow revolution, well, personally I don't think we have time for a really slow revolution. You know, take the attitude that we don't really have to apply ourselves, it will happen, it just takes time, don't worry, be happy.

The things that are happening may seem to be happening slowly, but in our world of microwaves and instant everything, just-add-water world, we expect things immediately and the awakening of the sleeple seems to be going slowly. I guess what I want to say is that things are progressing and I know it takes time, but anything that we can do to restore our liberties faster, we need to do it and not think it can be put off to another day.

I want to encourage you, if at any time you have an opportunity to mention a political or economic issue to another sleeple, or point out the lies that bombard us, etc, take advantage of that opportunity! You really don't know when you will get a second chance; use any and all platforms. I have been finding that there are more people out there than sheeple lately in my probing for their thoughts on the issues.
And then remember, pehaps you were brought across that person's path for such a time as this...

Stayin' in the battle,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, HUP, I just went and read the Mayberry post. Ugh. I've been sick the past few days, which makes me exhausted, so that article just makes me want to cry! The killing of our beautiful country is happening right in front of our faces, and we are just taking it. How long can we endure this? Hang in there, and keep sounding the alarm.

Help U Prep said...

Yuppers, it is enough to curdle the innerds. I am looking into the history of it all through some videos at present. After I digest a bit more I will post on it.

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