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Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I am a christian prepper

Prov. 6:6-15 (KJV): "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man. A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a forward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; Forwardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy."
The lessons from scripture are clear: Don't be lazy and lax. Store up in good times for future lean times. Consider this: "[There is] treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up." - Prov. 21:20 (KJV)
The above quote came from survivalblog.com, at this link: http://www.survivalblog.com/2008/11/letter_re_food_storage_versus.html
James Wesley does a great job in this post of telling it like it is, so why should I reinvent the wheel. I hope you will take the time to rea the post and check out his blog. He has been predicting the economic downturn for over 10 years.
Happy Preppin'

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do preppers need preachers?

I adhere to Christian faith, but if you do not, I hope you will still keep reading. There is a lot to think about here, no matter what philosophy you choose to live by.

So do preppers need preachers? No, you can prep without a preacher, but people do need them and preachers have been enlisted by the state to help us in times of emergency so I am gonna post today about preachers and what I would like them as well as y’all to know.

I have read that the adage back in the day, when they wrote the Declaration of Independence was “Life, Liberty and Property.” And I believe it was because it makes so much sense to me.

Today, there is a saying that goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone,” and it can be true enough. But I also think it is true that if you have never experienced something, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” So here in the US, we who have not lived in true liberty don’t know what we are missing. That is until someone comes along who is truly free for us to observe or the idea of true liberty is explained to us. Real liberty includes responsibility, of course. You cannot have a republic without a people who are willing to be self-governing.

I sometimes wonder why our public education system does not require the students to learn more about the foundation of our country. Most do not even know what a representative republic is and why it was the type of government that was chosen by the founders. Or the fact that the people were warned that they would have to be on guard to keep it, and not slide into a democracy and the “state” it would bring. But the thought that is running through my head today is, “Where are the preachers?”

I do not think that the men who fought for our freedoms would have been able to succeed if they would have had to deal with the preachers that we have in our nation today. Of course, many of them are so afraid of losing their tax exempt status that they would not dare speak out against anything Uncle Sam says not to. What a racket. We are controlled through taxation and through tax exemption!

If you are a preacher reading this, may I suggest you prayerfully consider what I am about to say and then read the link I am attaching to this post very thoroughly. Preachers and teachers will be held accountable before God in a way more seriously manner than the rest of us will. You are to take care of the flock God has given you, and right now, you might want to think about helping them to prepare for hard times, because they are coming. And who you, preacher, listen to, and how you divide the Word is going to really matter.

As Christians we are told we are to be light and salt. And at the founding of this nation, we were. But as history goes to show, prosperity tends to breed complacency which eventually leads to bondage. We are already in servitude mode, but most do not see it and will think I am crazy to even suggest it. But let me ask you this – is there anyone here in this nation who truly owns his own residence? You may think you do, but just try not paying your property taxes and see what happens. You only are being allowed to rent the property of your choice from the state. We (most often with the help of a financial institution) give each other money to be able to choose which property we will rent from our government. (I won’t even get into building codes, etc.) And without owning your own property, you are not, and cannot be truly free. You must participate in whatever program the state chooses for you to pay them rent. No way around it that I know of. You must bow as slave to the state or as some would say, “You are forced to feed the beast.” What happens when you feed something? Yup, that’s right, it grows or gets stronger, bigger. And we have been brainlessly feeding this beast for many years. (I do not choose to discuss the many benefits I supposedly reap from these property taxes. There are other ways I could reap the benefits I choose to have. At present, I do not have a choice, and without choice, I am not free.) And since the beast just demanded so many more of our tax dollars to bail out industries that have been bad stewards, well, Lord help us all! But I digress…

Why do you think that God gave his people land? And at the year of Jubilee the land went back to the original owners? It was for freedom. God did not want His people to be slaves.

Another thing that proves we are not free is the way our hard earned frn’s are stolen from us and given to others. I believe in giving charity to those in need, but when I do not have a choice in the matter, it is no longer charity, it is servitude.

As we are going to be facing one of the most trying times any of us could possibly face in the not so distant future, I am concerned about the choices most of the people of this nation will make. Never really having or understanding what true liberty is, or that we have unalienable rights granted to us by God most will freely choose more chains of bondage in exchange for empty promises of a better future.

The state has recently recruited pastors to help them in times of emergency. They know it will be much easier to handle “we the people” if they use a trusted servant of God to do their bidding. The mantra will be that they are helping us of course. And the preachers will buy into it, unless they get a different view on what the Bible really says.

So many christias are used to listening to it being preached that we are to obey our government as long as it does not tell us to deny Christ - usually based on Romans 13. I once asked my pastor what he thought of the founders not obeying their government as shown by their revolting and he told me that they had disobeyed God. Can you imagine? I bet the founders would turn over in their graves if they knew how many men and women of God thought the revolution they fought and the sacrifices they made were for selfish reasons and against God’s direct command.

I am posting this article:


because the author raises some really good points about thinking that we christians should obey the state as a Christian duty. I do not agree with all his points; I am merely suggesting you who read the article listen to his reasoning. And I do not purport revolting as a militia would, so please spare me the inferences. I just am asking that you read the article and do some of your own research. Maybe a few preachers will decide to give up their tax exempt status to be able to preach the unadulterated truth and really help their congregants by teaching them to be self reliant, self governing and prepared.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Economy: not just for individuals

A couple of days ago I posted about the new economy being based on bartering.
Check this out: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3e5c633c-ebdc-11dd-8838-0000779fd2ac.html?nclick_check=1
Real wealth is found in tangibles.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Random thoughts and my beliefs

I have a sign in front of my house that says “House for Sale” - by owner. I have been hoping we would not have to list it with a professional and we almost did sell it. Durn, it was close. I had thought we would sell, rent, and when prices really dropped we could buy at a steal of a deal. But now I see that we also could really lose if we sold and waited and hyperinflation kicked in. I also have mixed feelings because I really don’t like certain laws here in this bitterly cold state and would prefer to move to another, a more liberty-lovin’ state, but that just doesn’t seem to be feasible at the moment. So the best choice appears to be to sell and get a better place here; we need a place with a bigger garden area and I really want livestock. Ok, I will settle for chickens. I am also praying for the ability/room to take in loved ones who may need a place to stay.

Funny how a person can change. Growing up I wanted the nice house in the ‘burbs along with all the perks. And I pretty much got that. Now, I just want to be outside the madness (think neighborhood and zoning laws) with a way to provide for our basic needs. I used to hate to be outdoors for very long, now I love nature. I am still somewhat of a germ freak, but I love camping. I liked the respect you get being in the business world, and the gratification of solving problems, but I love helping others, especially helping to relieve their pain. Maybe it’s old age setting in; your priorities change. So I pray and plan for the future with the information I have and hope for the best. I also have plan B and C which involves leaving to join up with some others where I know there is a welcome mat out. And of course I daily strive to put my ultimate trust in God and His provision, seeking to be led by Him as He is all-seeing and all-knowing. And some days that is not an easy task, i.e. I tie a knot in the rope and just hang on!

I feel God told me around then end of the last decade that we had 10 more good years left and that seems to be coming to pass. I was into some pretty heavy intercession for our nation at that time, but felt that the decision was made and there was no stopping what was coming to this nation. I also believe that God can keep His own in the “midst of” just as the Israelites were kept safe when the plagues hit the Egyptians, and Noah was kept safe in the ark. But it is up to us to heed His instructions if we want His protection. Even the Egyptians could have been kept safe had they heeded the instructions and Noah preached for many years as he built the ark. So no, I don’t think only those of my religious beliefs will be kept safe! I also think God values common sense to the point you can be greatly protected by following it! Truth is truth no matter where you find it. And I believe God desires to show mercy and grace to everyone. (So, please, spare me the rebukes and the political correctness I may not exhibit, I am just sharing my thoughts.)
Today we have food and heat and light and reasonably good health. And for that I will be grateful. I will do my best to plan for how we can live if we lose those things and/or the jobs that help provide them. And I will put my trust in God and do my best to do what He has told me and will tell me to do.

I hope you will join me in this endeaver to prepare.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new economy, hard core prepping and philosophy

When I volunteered to help with this blog for Wisconsonites, I was surprised that I was led to go easy with newbies in mind. But truth be told, I am feeling the urge to move my preps into high gear, as are many other preppers these days. So for all you newbies, please don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the following information. As I said before, if you are here, you are ahead of the game. Just do as much as you can as you see/feel the need. Please, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: if you keep hearing that little thought in your head say, “Go buy up several boxes of canning jars” and it keeps saying that, and you don’t even know how to can yet, just go with your gut and gitt’r done! If I would allow myself, I could fall into the woe is me, why didn’t I do such and thus years ago, insisted that my dh listen, read, go to, etc., so we would be on our 40 acres out in boonyville with our milk cow and chickens. But I didn’t and we aint. (Yes, I know that is poor grammar/English but bear with me.) I have seen what is coming down the pike for many years. I had no idea why I sensed it other than the good Lord showing me. Now we have the reasons in plain view and I am still having a hard time convincing dh to get a move on. Don’t get me wrong, he has come a long way, but we have a bit of a way to go also.

Being a God-fearing sort I put a good stock of thought in what the scriptures say and I see that it tells us that we are to work to provide for our own and allow ourselves to be moved with compassion to help others. But we are not to indulge those who will not work, (are lazy) and those who would trample our pearls. (Or perhaps have already trampled our pearls of warnings and pleadings to prepare.) So I do not feel indebted to everyone. You may not put store in these morals, but please do consider what you will and won’t be doing in a worst case scenario and why. I don’t make a practice of lying, but I have come to believe there are those who do not deserve the truth based on the story of the way Rahab hid the spies and saved her family and the way King David faked being insane to save his own skin. So whatever your beliefs, please ponder in advance what you would do - and why you feel morally ok with your plan. In the midst of a crisis is not the time to wonder what you should do, or the time to allow yourself to be influenced by outsiders, (or “authorities”) and then have to live to regret your decision.

In reading many websites on the economy, I do have a bit of advice. Tangibles and skills are worth more than silver and gold. The time is coming when these time-honored precious metals will be of little value. I know there are many who cannot envision that, but you cannot exist on a gold or silver diet. You will need protein, carbs and fats. Barley that you can eat or make into beer could become more valuable than gold. And skills and knowledge might be traded for food quicker than silver. If you know how to brew an herbal tea that lowers a fever or helps a body fight off a sickness that used to be treated with a drug that people no longer have available, you will be much in demand. And if you haven’t guessed by now, I predict the new economy will be one based on bartering. So think about what people will want/need the most in the next great depression and stock up with bartering in mind. Again, it may be that little voice in your head telling you to buy something you have no need for, but will be worth many good trades in the days ahead. I have run across some clearance items that I really do not intend to use, but being dirt cheap and easy to store, I got them with bartering in mind. If we go into a hyperinflation, your dollars will lose value, but your tangibles with gain value.

Now on to skills. One that I would like to get better at and also have my dd learn (Note to self: plead with dd so mom won't look like the wild women of Borneo.) is how to cut hair so that we can still look respectable. Anyone can hack away at a head of hair, but it takes some practice and some good tools to do a reasonably good job. From what I have read, the things that lift the spirit can be very important during hard times. The movie industry is one of the industries that kept on going in the last depression, so I figure someone who can make you look nice may be of value. Of course the skills of gardening, saving seed, welding, and repairing most anything, are among the skills you can think about acquiring now and I encourage you to do so. Dear daughter plans on learning to knit from one of her friends who has gifted her with some of the warmest, prettiest wool socks that I just adore. Can’t wait until dd gifts me with a pair!
So, turn off the t.v. and take a trip to the library. Explore the area of real life skills that appeals to you. It could be the investment that sustains you and yours in the days to come.
Keep on being aware, weighing your options and preppin’

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Liberty Gardens

I would assume most adults have heard of victory gardens, and I propose we use the same idea, but I like the name Liberty Garden because anything we can do to provide for ourselves is liberating. Just as importantly, the reason I wanted to talk about gardening is because I anticipate a shortage of seed. By the time May rolls around, I think a lot more of the sheeple will be coming to their senses and we could see a run of garden seeds. And I am preaching to myself here. I haven't gotten all of my seed yet either. There is a link on this site that comes highly reccommended; please check it out.
Being in the cold north, I am checking out things that do well in a short growing season. I must make my fianal decision soon and get that order in! I also need to plant a mix of beans this year, ie kidney, pinto etc. Beans keep forever and are good nutritionally.
When money gets tighter, any food you don't have to leave home to acquire through container gardening, picking off the pot setting in your window sill, (think fresh herbs) or digging up out of your back yard will be a blessing. We have some red raspberry bushes and we just love going out in the back and enjoying them throughout the growing season. The neat thing about this is, it doesn't matter where you live, you can find a way to grow something. It really isn't as hard as you might think. Many communities have programs that will help you get started. Check with your local library as you check out a book or two. Involve the kids. They might eat veggies you never dreamed they would if they helped to plant the seed and watched everyday as they sprouted and grew until it was time to harvest. And there is nothing better than a freshly picked home-grown tomato!
A little planning/prepping now can grow into a bountiful harvest. 30, 60, or 100 fold!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I am going to use a part of a post that Shy Wolf, my western neighbor, posted on the MN prepper’s site. Here is the MN link: http://minnesotapreppersnetwork.blogspot.com/
I totally agree with what he has to say on this subject and I also encourage you to visit that site for some good info.
So here’s what he wrote: “To date, the objectives are to gain membership of like-minded individuals; share ideas and skills; get to know each other and have a network of individuals working together in emergencies and learn ways to prepare for emergencies of any kind. Perhaps a "meet and greet" at some future date to get to know each other; to keep America together and a beautiful place to live, a country retaining its Freedoms and the Liberty of the Individual. A place where people will always want to immigrate to.Being new, our guidelines are thin at the moment as to what will happen and how, yet there must be some and these are a few we can all relate to:
A) Since the First Amendment is the life blood of the Web and blogs, articles and comments will not be moderated so long as they pertain to topic and are not slanderous, libelous, degrading to any individual, race, religion or region. In other words: no mud slinging.As moderator, I don't want to be forced to act the part, so let's please keep it clean. Thank you.
B) Please: NO political ranting. We can keep that on our personal blogs. Unless a political comment is pertinent to the post, forget it. Make it "news we can use".
C) Absolutely NO revolutionary talk or government overthrow ideas. Zip. None. Nada.
D) This is not a Militia site. However, there will be posts that relate to that topic. Every American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, others, and their property. Guns are an integral component of self defense and will be discussed.
E) No name calling or putting others down. Be civil, be constructive in criticism, be honest, build up individuals and ideas.Since no one has (most likely) ever been through the kind(s) of 'emergencies' many survival topics will be about, no one is the ultimate authority. Some people will certainly have more experience than others and they should share this. It's only American to be concerned for the welfare of your neighbors, which is why we are here.”

And as he went on to offer, I also offer anyone who is interested in guest posting, or having a role in this grand adventure, to please feel free to let me know in a comment and I will be in touch.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awareness continued

Just a quick thought for today to encourage everyone in developing a prepardeness mindset.
I know some may find this difficult to do, but if you can, try to keep a paper and pen(cil) handy as you go about your day. Every time you think, "Oh, I wish I had an extra one of that here in the car " or "at work" - you get the idea, you write it down and make it so. When I shared an office with my super at work, she would need some odd thing and I would have it in my desk for her to use, and she would say, "Only you would have this," and chuckle. It is something I come by naturally I guess, but as you start to think about what you might need if the lights go out -for more than 10 minutes, and plan for that-well then you start to be a true prepper. And as you use your mind in this way, you will naturally begin to see what you need to do. Second hand shops and Goodwill are great places to get some of the things you might want to have extras of.
If you have kids, you also might want to play a game with them by pretending the electric goes out and what are the things you would need to use or do. You might be surprised at your little ones and the ideas they generate. Then if the lights really do go out, you can recall the fun you had when you played the game, thus making it less tramatic for them.
As an aside, some of the things that I have found useful to have in my car are books, snacks, a scissor, a screw driver, extra sunglasses, a plastic bag , an old telephone book and wet wipes. (I don't go anywhere with out my huge mug of water just in case you're wondering.) And Ihad those things in my car before I thought about preppin'! So what do you have in your car? Or what do you think you should have in your car?
Keep smilin'

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2008. I wondered today what people in the future would think of this day. Only time will tell...

If you are reading this blog on prepping, please know that you are now ahead of the game. Just for being here and reading these posts, you are miles ahead of Joe Smoe, doesn’t want to know, and Sally Heaple, just another one of the sheeple.

Because the first and foremost thing in being prepared is awareness.

If you don’t believe me, just think back on all the pain you could have saved yourself over the years of your life, if you had just been aware. Accidents avoided, health preserved, relationships saved. You can gain and add to your awareness through life lessons, but it is more advisable to learn through study and reflection, other people’s experiences and ideas, and testing your plans to see if they really will work.

If you are new to all this and you don’t know where to get started, I would like to suggest that you think of what might go wrong--- today. If your car won’t start, do you have a set of jumper cables? If the electricity goes out because somebody hits a pole in your area, can you still feed the kids supper? (Without going out to the grocery or to buy fast food.) Start small. What do you need to make it through the things that can go unexpectedly wrong today? How could you be better prepared? If you come home and find the water has been turned off and you didn’t get the notice of repairs to be made by your friendly municipality, could you wash for dinner? In other words, start thinking about one day and what you take for granted. Then think of what you would need to survive for one day without having to depend on too many other people, including mass transit, phone service, and retail. Mull it over. Each one of us is in a different situation. What would your most urgent need be? How could you prepare for that?
Now that you have started to think about being self-sufficient, you can begin to make preps. It may be as easy as getting to know your neighbors a bit better so you can feel comfortable enough to borrow a cup of sugar if the need arises. It could be filling empty soda bottles with water and storing them under the sink for wash-up water. Or it may mean some cutting back on buying the latest and greatest _____ (you fill in the blank) in order to have the funds to purchase the basic things to have on hand - now that you know you need them.

I am a firm believer in guidance from above, and that each one of us should prep according to our individual needs. So listen to that inner voice or prompting that says, “Do this first.” And then do it. For those of you who don’t believe in any higher power, I would still recommend going with your gut. What do you feel is the most important thing to get together first? Then do it.

Welcome to the prepper’s world. I are glad you are here. And please feel free to share the things that you are now starting to do, or have done, that gives you peace of mind. We will all learn from each other. A good idea is a terrible thing to keep to yourself!

Help U Prep

Monday, January 19, 2009

first blog

Hello all,
Welcome to the Wisconsin Preppers blog! I have never ran a blog before, but I am motivated to help get the word out about being prepped for whatever the future might bring. Visiting the other state blogs, I just knew this was a worthwhile endeavor. I hope you will bear with me as I am not as tech savvy as I would like.

Tomorrow we will have a new president take the oath of office and folks are wondering what the future will bring. There are many who think he will be our savior and some who think he is the devil's right hand man. In my estimatmation, it really would not have mattered too much which of the candidates won. We are on a collision course with hard times and no one man can do much to halt the incoming tide. Had my hopes up for a bit when I saw all the support that Ron Paul had gathered, but the powers that be did what they do best and in the end, he did not have a chance. Only they weren't able to stop the idea of true freedom which Ron preached. From young to old all over this land, people are waking up and I thank Ron for his part in that. Now it's up to us.

Liberty is worth fighting to maintain and regain. Being self-sufficient and responsible for oneself is part of that fight, so being prepared to care for ourselves and our families is the name of the game.

Hope we can make some good conections among the liberty lovin' right here in Wisconsin.


Coming Online Soon

Deb will be Operating Wisconsin Preppers Network, If you'd like to join and be a Team Member Please post a comment.

Thank You,

Tom Martin
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