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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

food preps

Sure have been wanting to stock up on more food lately, but with being in a rental and knowing whatever I buy I will have to move is a conundrum.
But if I was in my permanent place of residence I would be getting as much food put by as possible, so my suggestion to you readers is to get whatever you can manage set back. Buy what you eat and eat what you store, rotate, rotate, rotate. It's the new location, location, location!
I liked the idea I read on some blog, sorry I can't give credit as I can't remember, but they mentioned buying frozen fruit on sale and then bringing it home and dehydrating it. Great idea! I really like dried fruits and veggies too. Easy to store as they are lightweight and drying really helps to keep a lot more enzymes available over canning as the high heat destroys them. Dried foods are much easier to move as they are light weight and can be keep in baggies, also a lightweight item. I have also stored the baggies in an old tin and I don't have to worry about critters getting into them.
Dried fruit is also so yummy without having to re-hydrate! Nuff said!
Have a great day,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great idea about dehydrating frozen foods. They're so much cheaper than fresh. I've often bought frozen fruits to make jam with.

Help U Prep said...

Hey there Gen-IL,
Jam! That is a good idea also, thanks for sharing!

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