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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are we prepping for?

I went out of town and had hardly a moment to spare all the while I was gone. Vehicle started giving me trouble before I was even two hours from home. I am not one to keep up on my vehicles because I always deferred to the men folk to do that... To a make a long story short, I did make it to my destination many hours over due, and then on the way out of town to home, another problem presented itself and it was back to my brother's garage to have him put it on the computer and be told...can of worms, sell it. Ugh. I did make it back home after another long trip, this time it was due to leaving when I would hit chi town and milwaukee at bad times. You sure do learn a lot about the fact that the buck stops right here (with yourself) when it comes to what you can be and should be responsible for. I need to be more responsible when it comes to the vehicle that I personally drive. And I need to learn to do some of the things I have always passed off onto the menfolk. UGH. But that is life and that is what we are prepping for..to live our own life. Now I am searching for a new car to drive and weighing my options. I don't like having too many choices as I drive myself nuts trying to figure every angle, but that is where I am at right now. One part of me says BOV and one part says get something that is a flex fuel good gas milage and another part wants a pickem up truck.
Also I am flying out west to take a class that I need for my new career, so I will be away from the blog again the end of this next week. I have appealed to several to help with this blog, but so far I have no takers. Now I know there are people reading this who have great ideas that they could share, however, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, etc. So anybody who is interested, please email me. It's not that hard, really. It just takes some time, and believe me I know that is not easy to come by for most of us. Or send me your post and the I will review and post it for you. How easy is that?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stress and breathing

I asked a couple of co-workers if they remembered when I told them to get out of the stock market and they said yes, and they wished they would have listened to me. Next pass through their area I told them I had some more good advice if they wanted to hear it and they were very happy to listen. I told them to plant a big garden and not look for veggies to be coming out of California because of the draught etc. At least one of took me seriously.

I so hope this slide into oblivion slows down a bit. There is just too much on my to-do list I need to address before the SHTF. And coming down with another sinus infection has not helped. I gave in and went and got an antibiotic…ugh. I know it would be so much better to boost my immune system and fight this naturally, but right now I am going at full speed and feel the pressure. Doc gave me a huge dose too, looks like the infection is pretty bad this time. All the more reason to get the immune system up to speed. The stress of what is coming will be a real immune tester. As soon as I can quit my day job, I know the stress if be lessened, or at the least different, and much more tolerable. The really cool thing is that I have people calling me to set up appointments and I have not even officially opened my practice yet…I am thinking it is the good Lord encouraging me.

So for today, I will do what I can with what I have and try to remember to breathe..deeply as often as I can to reduce the stress and get some O2 in me. Did you know deep belly breathing has been shown to help people with anxiety? That getting enough O2 helps with pain? (I used the Bradley Method of birthing and was amazed at how well it worked.) Did you know that a few deep breaths can be like a mini-vacation and re-center you? It is amazing what having enough oxygen in your system will help you with. It is a shame that it is so controlled and you can’t just go buy a tank to keep on hand and learn when you need a little help and use it responsibly….another liberty lost. You can’t decide when you need something, you have to have the anointed tell you what you need and when you need it and how much of it you need.

And that is also another good reason to get enough activity in your life; exercise increases your ability to take in O2 and utilize it. Just a good brisk walk is helpful and it does not have to be a long one. Again, it is doing what you can, when you can, as often as you can. Every little bit of exercise helps. Can you tell I am preaching to myself today?


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CST and Liberty Lost

I know there are lots of people who have not heard of Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), some who have, and many who need to. It is what I have been taking classes to learn and spending many hours precepting with an excellent practitioner, gleaning all the knowledge from her that I possibly can. Cranial Sacral Therapy is an osteopathic technique that uses the hands of the practitioner to support the client’s body in such a way that the body heals itself. It uses a very light touch. It uses the electrical system of the body. In the way I was taught, it lets the body of the client decide how much treatment it needs and when it needs it.

This past weekend I assisted my Dr. with the first class in the series that she teaches. It was amazing to hear how the attendees took what they were learning and began to apply it to their loved ones after only two days in class and get results. I myself took a fall on Thursday morning and about two hours later began to experience intermittent shooting pains in my right temple. Due to the winter storm, I could not get in to see Dr. and on Friday I had to get my husbands car back to him because mine was in the shop. By Saturday, the shooting pains had ceased but I was so very tired, out of sorts and I felt like my brain was shutting down along with my whole body. I was about to stop what Dr. was doing in her instruction to the class to tell her I needed help, like now, when the other “helper” asked me if I was o.k. I said no and we went to another room where she began to work on me. When Dr. got done with the lesson and gave the class a break, she came and worked on me. I had somehow managed to move the bones of my skull when I fell and it was affecting my brain, and I mean it was no joke. When she was done, I got up from the table feeling as if I had just had a nice nap, and I could think again. What a relief! But it really got me thinking about how, if I did not know what I do about how a fall or an accident can affect you, I could have been a very sick puppie with no clue what to do. I had heard many of Dr.’s clients say that she was a miracle worker or an angel. How she had saved their lives or helped when absolutely nothing else would. How they could not move without pain and now the pain is gone. How they could not stand up straight and now they can. How they could hardly walk and now they are mobile. Now I really know some of what they feel. I am looking forward to the day in the not too distant future when I will be leaving my 9-5 and begin my own practice. This is a skill I can take with me, although I will have to be choosy about the state I live in as some have stupid rules about what one can and cannot do for a living and the type of training you have to have before you can touch someone.

Another choice gone; another freedom we have lost. We are not totally free to choose who will help us regain our health and we cannot choose when we want to take a drug. We must go to a state-approved person and only the state-anointed can “prescribe” a med that we may need.

And if we don’t want to take a drug, we may have to put up a fight. I just had surgery and I did not want the prophylactic antibiotic they had scheduled to give me. Of course they had to check with the anointed one who agreed that I could forgo the drug unless I developed symptoms of infection. You see, I know that they (all hospitals) are working on keeping infections down in surgical patients because it prolongs the hospital stay. The hospital gets paid according to a DRG (diagnosis-related group). For example, you are hospitalized to be treated for congestive heart failure and you stay 2 days. Your neighbor is also put in for the same thing and stays 13 days. You both have the same diagnosis. The hospital gets paid the same amount for both of you. So they make more money the fewer days you are in. So these great educated medical professionals decided that they would shoot every surgical patient up with a strong antibiotic with the hope that it would stop infections. Easy solution and the drug companies make more money to boot. Good for making the hospital more money too, but not so good for the patient who really did not need the antibiotic as antibiotics are not benign.

Do know any doctors that even ask the patients if they want an antibiotic they may not need? I don’t. Most docs think they are demigods, and they certainly don’t want to waste their time explaining things to you. Or give you much of a choice. Most think patients or families that ask too many questions or don’t go along with the doctor’s every wish are “difficult.” If I did not work in the medical field on my 9-5, I may not know about this drug protocol, but I did know, and it saved me money and exposure to drugs that could kill off the good bacteria we all carry around with us that helps us digest our food and keeps our internal ecological system healthy. Please remember, you are paying the doctor/hospital which means you call the shots. You are employing them. You are paying for their expert (hopefully) opinion, but you do not have to take their advice. You can refuse all or part of your treatment. It helps to do so respectfully, but it is your body and you are the owner of your body.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a wonderful thing for many people, but as with anything there are those who practice it that are not the best and those who are like my dear Dr. So what are you to do? Ask for references from real people. If you don’t get some really good feedback, seek out another practitioner. Some say there are not enough medical studies or enough scientific evidence to prove it really works. I say talk to some real people; the proof is in the pudding. Medical science takes way too long to get with the program. This is the profession that shamed the first guy to say you should wash your hands between doing autopsies and delivering babies. The profession that said it was harmless to x-ray the unborn. That said margarine (full of heart-clogging transfats) was better than butter. I don’t trust them; I do trust real people and their stories.

Wishing you health,


Monday, March 2, 2009

"Surviving" martial law

I took the bait. I ordered a booklet about how to survive martial law. I was disappointed in the content and did not like wasting my money on such a bit of fluff, but then I got to thinking about the advice given and started wondering if the guy behind the thing might be one of “them” instead of one of “us. “ Maybe he is one of them masquerading as one of us.

He makes a big point of saying you should just go along to get along. Don’t rock the boat, do as you are told, stay alive. And by no means tell any teenagers that you have stored food and what you are doing because they will tell their friends and then they will tell on you, etc. Never, never tell any teens anything.
It is the our young men that are targeted to make up the troops to fight the unjust wars our country is engaging in and it is this age group that we desperately need to reach with the truth. They cannot enslave us if they do not have the manpower to carry it out their wishes. And if we don’t try to reach the young and the strong, they will continue to brainwash them and use them as fodder. So I am not only talking to my teen son, I am taking to his friends and working on getting them to really think. I want to answer their questions now while we have time to talk.

And I like the idea of having a bunch of young men who I have influenced come to my defense, if it is needed.

So, what do y’all think about my reasoning?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a show!

My dd wanted to go to a show to celebrate her birthday and she wanted me to go with her. I really had a hard time with the cost of the tickets, but we went and I was very glad I had the opportunity to see the show. Best show I have ever seen, barring the ones my dd was in herself; yes I am one proud mama, dd is talented.

Anywhoo the show was “Wicked” and I loved the political aspect of it. The actors were great, the costuming beautiful, the singing enjoyable and the score superb. I can’t remember when I had more fun at the theatre and I highly recommend the show. It was inspiring and made me want to “defy gravity” and get off my backside and fight the ptb. I still have the music going through my head. As I heard one gal say as we were waiting in line at intermission, “I will never be able to watch The Wizard of Oz in the same way again.”

The show gives you a whole new view of what you thought you knew. And that is what I think is happening to at least a select few public servants in our state governments. They are finally coming to grips with what has been going on in the good ole US of A. As they are presented with a different world view, one of lost jobs, lost homes, lost revenue and lost hope of a better tomorrow, they are looking at the world from a new perspective and realizing all is not well in Oz, no matter what the wizard says. And I am hoping they too will make some good choices, both in front and behind the scenes to remove those who should not be in power. I also hope that those see the show will realize that life does imitate art and be inspired to start thinking for themselves.

Got some good deals at Walgreens. I don’t like to use drugs and over the counter things too often, but occasionally you do need to pull out the big guns to get some relief until you can figure out what is causing the problem., or get to the root cause of the symptom. I got some tubes of cortisone cream for $ .75. Just walk up and down the aisles and look for the bright orange stickers marked “last chance.” It is the way they mark their discontinued items and some are really very good deals. Got some store brand depends for about $2.00. If you may have some elderly you will be caring for and if they get sick and can’t get to the facilities easily, they will be nice to have on hand. If you will have women of child bearing age, think birthing supplies, etc. Lots of supplies that will be useful can come from your local Walgreens clearance area.


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