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Sunday, January 17, 2010

So much information

I took the morning and read online..hooboy, there is so much going on.
We need to keep up to date on things but good golly it take a toll, time wise and with the emotions.

This is a good video to view to remind us that we need to get our troops home and stop giving our young men and women as fodder to the goons.

One of the things that just does not make sense to me is how we could have protested the war in VietNam and then embrace the war in Iraq. I guess the goons are just that much better at newspeak, um, marketing?
I don't agree with the young man in the video 100%.He implies that seeking profit is evil and causes wars, and I do not beleive that. I beleive that anyone acting unlawfully here on our soil should be caught and dealt with. But this war is wrong and with that I can agree with this young man. The war is not protecting us or benefiting our country in any way.

For anyone in Northeast Wisconsin you might want to check out the upcoming events designed to help you get to know people running for office here:



Be blessed,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Isn't it funny, also, how so many who were against the war with Bush, are not quite silent that Barack is in office?! I agree that they're lying about why those folks hate us. In fact, right now they hate us BECAUSE WE'RE THERE!! We're occupying their country, and I'd be made if another country was occupying America!

Help U Prep said...

Yup, and the media is such a friend to the goons....

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