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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday reflection

Today I read the 103rd psalm and it is definitely becoming one of my favorites. Now, it takes years for that to happen, lol. If you want to be blessed today, I suggest you take out your sword and give it a read.

In my world the bible is the source of all kinds of good things. It gives me the spiritual, and then it naturally follows, the psychological strength to endure hard times. It challenges me to see the truth of a matter. It brings me comfort and cheer. It points me in the right direction when I have lost my way or taken a detour... And it is very down to earth about how to live physically too. When you read a lot of the laws they had to follow in the O. T. you see they pertained to cleanliness and how to avoid disease. Bury you excrement, put a person with a contagious disease outside the camp, etc. , some very practical advice. I don't eat pork or the other things it says are not good for you. I do it because I just think it good advice, and I don't condemn those who choose to eat pork etc. (Truthfully, I really miss bacon.) I don't think what you eat has anything to do with your relationship to God or others. I just think the book was giving to us by a loving Creator and the things He suggests, well, I think He had a good reason for them, even if we haven't figured out what they all are yet... Now I don't mean to get into anyone's business with this post, just sharing my views.

In the fight for freedom, we realize we need to self-sufficient, responsible, and able to work together towards a common goal. In this fight we find ourselves agreeing with people that have totally opposing views on religion and other issues, but that is the beauty of liberty. We can take good ideas and promote them for the common good. We can share the strategies we are comfortable with and let others do the same. In a 12-step group I was once in we liked to say, take what you like and leave the rest. You don't have to agree 100% to get something useful out of what someone else shares.

I found this song and really enjoyed it, hope you do too. It is not a “Christian song” but so what. It has a lot of truth in it.

Happy Sunday,

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