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Sunday, July 25, 2010

You are seeing "The Calm before the the Storm"!

The final nails in the coffin of our liberty will come between the first Tuesday in November and the inaugurations in January. (Mark my words as though they were gospel)!
Most incumbents know that come November their worthless asses are fired but yet hope (beyond hope) they wont be. So they're holding back their agenda for now.
I'd love to know how much they were threatened or how much bribe money it took to have them turn their backs on "94%" of the citizens in this country and voted yes on the banker bail out, the taking over of the auto industry and the so called "Health Care" (now we got you under our thumb's you peons) bill!
That period of time between the elections and the inaugurations is when the incumbent "loser's" and the "lame Duck" Obamanation are going to cram through stuff like cap and trade, Internet censoring and God only Knows what else to ruin our country for those that pull their little puppet strings! At that point what will they have to lose? (Hopefully their necks).
Come November it's deer season In Wisconsin. This year might be a nation wide open season on traitors as well.
Might want to save some room for nooses on those buck poles!

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