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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Politics and Prepping

Reading the prepping sites, you are inundated with political views and rants that inspire and/or nauseate. If you are new to this movement, you may wonder why. I feel it is because many of us who have awakened from the sleep of the undead, now realize that we have been duped by the goons into believing the .gov't had our best interests at heart, were people basically like us, working on our behalf, and we are incensed to find out the truth about the way we have been deceived and used. This in turn has motivated us to demand our liberties and right to self-determination back. We are fighting on every front available. One of those most obvious fronts is “politics.” Having been made aware of the true state of the union, we seek to inform others of our findings and to use any opportunity that presents itself to carry our message forward.
Here is Wisconsin, I have been recently encouraged by the number of people who are coming forward to let the goons know that we are not pleased and it is not “politics as usual” anymore. The meetings that I have attended to hear the announced candidates have had record turnouts. And the choices we as voters have are much improved, as there appear to be real choices for the liberty-lover this go round.
I attended a meet-and-greet last night for Scott Walker, candidate for governor, hosted by the Fox Valley Initiative. I will say that on this first go-round, he has passed the basic test. Now, I am aware that many have been trained in how to answer questions to veil their real intentions, so I will hold my endorsement until I have become more educated concerning his views and past record, and have had an opportunity to know more about the his contenders. We all have have been hoodwinked too many times to just go with the silver-tongued.
If there are candidates in your neck of the woods who you feel embrace true liberty, please feel free to post a comment so others can look into them.
And I also would encourage all who are available to do so, to get involved with keeping the ptb honest by volunteering to oversee the voting process itself come voting day. Definitely could be the subject of another post, but I am sure most of you know to what I am referring.
Hopeful in Wisconsin,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great post! We're tired of being asleep. TPTB have wakened a sleeping giant! They'd better watch out! I'm glad that you have a possibly promising person to vote for. I hope to find the same thing in IL. (haven't yet!)

Help U Prep said...

yeah and I hope yours and every state has some real liberty lovers step forward1

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