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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Going Local

I think one of the ways to fight the goons is by establishing a local currency and I was wondering if any of our readers live around the Madison area and are using “Hours.” Check it out here: http://www.madisonhours.org/about

It is interesting to note that complimentary currencies are deemed legal as long as they are not coin and they do not resemble frn's. Of course the goons don't really want competition, so we cannot coin our own real money, ie silver or gold, thus the ban of coinage and the opportunity to let the true free market operate. And of course they expect you to pay your pound of flesh, so the competing currencies are to be added into your income as you would frn's.

I do wonder how easy it would be to counterfeit these complimentary currencies. Nonetheless, using a local currency would put you into contact with local business owners and let them know you appreciate them and their services.

There are many of these currencies operating in the world today and many let you buy them with frn's or that particular government's approved fiat currency at a discount, so you are effectively getting a percentage off any local goods you purchase.

As times get harder and things get worse, we will be forced to deal locally (soon other countries will not trade with us because our frn's will not be good for much more than TP) and anything we can do now to build up our local producers of real goods and services could be a life-saver later.

If Farmer Fred or Repairman Ron or any other local business person down the road is forced out of business due the expansion of big Ag, Corporate this and that, etc., you will not have them to go to a few months or years from now when the chinamart/big chain grocery store has empty shelves. Soooo many small farmers have been forced out of business and we will suffer for it when we do not have trucks running from California to the New York Islands.

I personally think (or maybe it is hope) that we are going to experience a slower slide into the total collapse of the dollar. Of course there could be some tragic events along the way that hurries the collapse, but my point is building and supporting your local economy now will pay you dividends later.

If anyone happening across this blog has used any complimentary currencies and would like to share your experience, please don't hesitate to post a comment.

Seeing as we are forced to use fiat currencies, I for one would prefer to use one that benefits my local economy over of the goon's.

Prepping tip: Don't forget to stock up on plastic bags when you establish your preps. Just think how many times a day you use them and all of the uses they have. I especially appreciate the lightweight convenience of using them to store and organize my preps. And then there is the fact they are great for keeping things dry...

Hoping you store more than you consume today~


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I've heard about a number of towns that are using their own currencies, but I didn't know that Madison was one of them. Very cool! I'll be interested to see if anyone comments that they've used them!

Mark Herpel said...

Community Currency is becoming very popular in America. It's a bonus to the local area, keeping the dollars circulating nearby and not losing them to places like China (Wal-Mart).

We have a new issue of our magazine out next week so check it out, we list lots of new currencies and article helpful to anyone wanting to start up.
Community Currency Magazine.


Help U Prep said...

Gen, let me know if you get over there and find out more about them. I don't get down to Madison very much at all.

Mark, thanks for stopping by and letting us know about your work and thank you that work in getting these currencies established. I checked the site out and it is a weatlth of information. I look forward to the new issue.


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