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Monday, January 11, 2010

inspiration and honey

I just figured out how easy it is to embed a video...yep, I am slow, but learning. And it was so easy. Anyway this is a well-done inspiration.

I have been running low on honey and need to procure some more. It is one of those items that is an absolute necessity in my estimation. It is anti-bacterial and the best thing for wounds and skin problems. It is also a great sweetener and soother. But do not give to babies, most say under one year of age, but I always waited until 18 months. Here is just one of many articles touting the uses of locally grown un-heated honey.


I had tried to use honey for my allergies for years and thought it was a bogus claim that it was supposed to help allergies, then I happened upon local unheated honey. After consuming the local unheated honey, my hay fever just up and left! That is until I ventured out of state...then the ragweed got me big time. I take 1 tsp to 1 TBS a day in the summer to keep the allergies at bay. I also apply honey to skin wounds and dry skin that is troubling me. I have heard reports from people I trust saying honey put into even deep wounds has seemingly miraculous powers to heal and prevent scarring. Honey will keep for many, many years, which makes all us preppers happy.

Hope your Monday is sweeeet~ (As my kids would say!)



Gen-IL Homesteader said...

If you figured out how to link a video then you're not as slow as me!!!

I've heard that honey is good for wounds but never tried it. Hubby is going to hopefully get bees this spring. Might have our own honey someday. Did you know that honey will last forever? The one food that will never go bad! God knew what He was doing when he sent the Israelites to the land of milk and honey!

Help U Prep said...

Did you know that you can live on fresh raw milk alone? It is some amazing stuff.
They must have known that milk and honey were emblems of being truly blessed, just small amounts are very valuable, so a land flowing with them was fantabulous.
I am so jealous of your gettng bees....

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Didn't know that about milk! We were getting some raw milk from a farm in WI for a few months. They're having some trouble right now, though. I enjoyed having it for the other things I could make with it! I wanted bees, but I'm a bit afraid of them, so hubby stepped up to the plate and said that he could do it! I'll just get to reap the benefits!

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