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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Today is the day that we remember and celebrate the birth of Your Son, Jesus. I know many would say it is a day made up of more pagan rituals than Christian practice, and they could and do make a good argument, but I choose this day to reflect of the greatest gift ever given, the life of your Son. And we will gather and give each other gifts out of our love for each other, just as You, out of Your great love for us, gave us Your Son... and thus, Yourself, in human form.
What can we possibly say in response to this? Words are not enough. When we begin to realize the depth and magnitude of the Gift, we fall before You in worship and adoration. We give ourselves to You, out of a grateful heart, out of our response to Love Incarnate.
Father, here in this land, the ole us of a, life is changing. Hard times are upon us and our very way of viewing the world is changing as many of us are finding the economy collapsing about us. We have not remembered to put Your kingdom first and to love others as ourselves. We have not stood and fought to retain the freedoms won for us by our forefathers, nor have we taught our children diligently of meaning and cost of Liberty. And now we are beginning to reap what we, our parents, and the generations before have sowed. So I ask that You would have mercy on us. That you would continue to raise up strong men, men who know history and the true meaning of Liberty, to lead the way back to our county's foundation.
May we not forget that this nation was founded on the principles found in your Word. May we again seek Your principles out, study them, learn to apply them, and teach them to our children with great care and diligence. May we humbly come before You in prayer, with faith, recognizing that there is life beyond this one, and that we have hope for true Liberty in Christ, even if we cannot experience Liberty here in this country any longer. May we realize that there are fates worse than death. May we find the strength we will need to face the future and remain true to our mission. May we be prepared to endure what lies ahead.
I also pray for those who will be on Liberty's front line. It will not be a fun place to be and I know there are tears and grief ahead. Help them, Father, to continue on, fighting and demanding and standing for Truth and Justice and to re-establish a country where we can be free once more. Protect them. Let them know there are many of us here, like me, who are too old or too infirm, or too physically limited, to fight on the same plane as they do; but who will pray for them, work behind the scenes, and thank them for their efforts and for their sacrifice.
Grant us all the stubborn will to continue in the face of persecution and threats from the ptb. Let our voices still be heard, let the sheeple continue to awake and become aware of the true battle raging in this world and join us.
Surround us with Your favor and uphold by your Grace,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heading for the second american civil war

I have my favorite blogs as most of us do. Purusing them today has not been fun, or should I say more upsetting than usual. I don't think it will be long before we will be at war, and it will be on our soil, and brother against brother again, "get its" agaisnt "don't get its" and there won't be a place to hide. The people with their head in the sand will be forced to pull it out and look about. The question will be wheter they will believe the well-oiled media machine or the common sense of the prepper and the constitutionalist.
I am just wondering how long before our elected leaders will all have body gaurds and bullet proof vests because it will not be safe for them to go about in public, ditto the supremes.
I don't like violence, but I can put 2 and 2 together and too many people are getting pushed into a wall with no where else to go. I know if I was falsely accused and arrested and deemed an enemy combantant, I would hope someone would come to my defense. I fear this is what we will begin seeing all too soon. I hope and pray that many of our leo's and military peeps are aware and a huge amount are on board with "orders we will not obey' so the goons can't use our own troops against us.
And something else that bothers the you know what out of me is how everyone is so "patriotic" and so many "support the troops" and do not even begin to see that we should not be using our troops as a u.n. police force. Dear Lord in Heaven why can't the sheeple see the injustice of this?
We are so going the way of Germany via WWII. We have the example of what happened to them; but I fear the majority will not wake up, will refuse to demand a stop to the loss of our human rights.
Many are trying to pull out of the beast and not support it, but it is not easy task. Yes, some of us can work and get paid under the table, but most can't. If we were just allowed to really own our land instead of having to rent it from the government, pulling out would actually be doable, but then we would border on being free and not be their little worker bees.
Well, I guess the more that pull out, the better. Just wish we had a Gulch to dissappear to. If we did, I would be there in a heartbeat. Less than a heartbeat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Have ya ever noticed how and when language changes? May I point out the changes over the years in the words we use? Thirty years ago who would have thought that we would all know that a mouse is a necessary work tool in the “information age” and everyone would begin to call mail, snail mail to differentiate the difference between it and email? So as times change the language can reflect that, but also as change is forced onto a people, or manipulated into a people, language is used as a tool. I remind you, dear reader, of the novel 1984 and how language was approached and controlled in order to control the populace.

In fact just thinking about 1984, I am feeling a need to go back and reread it, as I sometimes feel I am living it. The best example as of late is the President's push for “mandatory volunteerism.” How can volunteering be mandatory and still be something you do voluntarily? And yet have you heard even one reporter challenge the concept or point out this oxymoron? I have not, but I cannot be everywhere all the time. (Smile.)

Mandatory volunteerism. Could slavery be made to sound any better than this? I think not. George Orwell would have been proud.

Anyway, the point is we are being duped on every side and it is very hard to get at the truth, for in my view there is no more “truth in reporting.” I don't think they even try to report the truth or be objective any more. Which reminds me of how every single time I have had the newspaper report on a function I have attended or quoted me in their publication, they have been wrong. ARG. How can they take such, how shall I say it....liberties? But take them they do...literally. (Can't words me fun!) But I challenge you to begin to pick up on how we are being manipulated with words and how we are being out-right lied to.

I was going to post about the word and concept of patriotism, but perhaps another day...

Most of my readers know that I want my God-given liberties back and someday, by His grace, I will have them. I have taken to saying I was born into slavery, but hope to die a free man.
Which leads me to my main point today. I just got my new copy of Backwoods Home mag and again it has an excellent article addressing our liberties lost, titled “Abandoning the Constitution! (Who's to blame for the loss of rights?)” Written simply, without malice or a preachy-type feeling, it approaches the subject of our Constitution and what it stands for in a very low key, yet informative manner.

Good publication, Backwoods Home. I highly recommend it. But the current article should be spread far and wide to help open the eyes of the sheeple. I do not know if it will be one that they post on their website or not. But I encourage you to go out and find the Jan/Feb 2010 issue in order to have this most excellent article and let it start you on a journey of research to see whether the things that are stated are so...they are, but some of you need to gather your own proof. And some of you just need something to hand to a loved one and say, “I just read this and it really got me to thinking...and I was wondering if you would read it and tell me what you think about it?”

Hope you are having a great day...I am, the Sun is shining and it is not snowing!
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