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Monday, October 26, 2009

A way to kill your kid for free?

Yes Citizens...you heard me right!
The federal government will now "Free of charge" stick a lethal needle into your child's arm and thus save you the expense of any further nurturing of any kind! (They call it a vaccination against the flu.)
Just imagine the money you'll save on stuff like food and clothes. Not to mention collage tuition and car insurance!
Just think of the countless hours you'll save not having to hug them and say "I love You"!
Yes folks the fed gov (as always) has your best interests in mind...So tell the little tot's to roll their sleevees and take their medicine!
Or you can do as I did when receiving a permission/ denial form from my Daughter's school.
Under "Other" in the refusal form I wrote..."Severe reaction to New World Order Genocide"!
If you truly love your children you will research the unneeded crap they have in this poison.
Do the research and you wont just say "No" you'll say "HELL NO"!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Socialist agenda 101

I have a couple kids in college and it is interesting to pick up their text and peruse it. They say they present both side of the story, but they really are biased. They present as truth their very leftist view point. In my kid's sociology class the text says that the goal of the text book is to connect the kids with the political issues in the world and to explain what politics are about. I thought a sociology class was to teach the kids about how to study society. Silly me.

It starts with laying the ground work by stressing the fact that personal troubles as really "social issues" that effect other people also. Basically implying that you are not responsible for yourself, you can blame society for your troubles, especially because many people have trouble through no fault of their own. It goes on to say that politics is the process a society uses to define social problems and politics is also the process that enacts specific policies as solutions. By stating these things it assumes that the Nanny state is good and everyone acknowledges that, and that is just the way it is, and that it has always been that way. NOT!

I wish I was taking this class. I would give this prof a run for his money on these assumptions. First by confronting the fact that they manipulating people by not even acknowledging things exist that they don't want the kids to think about.

The book also defines the loss of choices as a bad thing, for you know the poor don't have the same choices as the rich...really? What about the choices I loose when the .gov steals my money through excessive taxation to give it to those I would never chose to give it to? I pay my taxes or I go to jail. Some choice! But I forget, the socialists don't recognize every one's individual rights as being a good thing, let alone the self-evident truths as outline by the Constitution. They don't even bring up the Constitution or the principles that our government was founded on. And that is so easy to do since our history teachers and texts all across the country have been successful in removing that lesson from the history books. And that is just one more reason to home school your kids.

And the book extols collectivism. If they really wanted to be fair and impartial they would discuss Ayn Rand and credit her for her insight into "collectivism" and discuss the outcome if you follow it through as she did in her book Atlas Shrugged.

I guess it has just been brought to my attention so much lately what a racket our whole education system is. You want to learn how to do something, and then go out into the world and do it. But to get that degree you also have to be indoctrinated into the socialist agenda by taking all these stupid classes that really do not have anything to do with your ability to work in your field. But seeing as many companies won't even consider you for the job if you don't have a degree, you have no choice but to take the stupid classes.

And then they kill two birds with one stone; they get you in piles of debt to get a degree, thus making sure you are a full-fledged slave to the system as soon as possible.

Well, I do definitely agree with the writer of the text about one thing. If enough of us join together, we can change our society. And politics is important, if you mean the form of government that we have. I say let's get back to basics. Let's get back to the Constitution, freedom, and a government that protects my inalienable rights, not one that has made us all into slaves.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Freedom, Frogs and Goons and I feel the preach coming on...

My friend Mayberry has a good rant on his blog http://mayberry-keepitsimplestupid.blogspot.com/ It is from yesterday, titled "Equal Opportunity Offender" and a good read, altho he does like to use "colorful" language. I for one appreciate his switch to a few well placed # and * though! I can understand the sentiment behind the word choices...pure frustration and burning anger. Many of us are there also.

I think it would be a good thing for many of our troops and law enforcement officers to be introduced to Oathkeepers as well. See http://oathkeepers.org/oath/ and check out the 10 orders they will not obey. Then maybe you could print some out and hand out to those you know in those occupations. You might get some good, stimulating conversations going.

We must get this through our heads: there are more of us than there are of them. We have just needed to have the sheeple wake up ... and now they are. Our numbers are increasing every day as more sheeple wake up. And I think the NWOgoons are scared because they are waking up and the goons know that is not good for them. I say PRAISE GOD!

So as I see it, we are in a precarius state. The plan to disarm us, to bring down the US of A, to implement a new currency, i.e. Euro like, has had to be changed. They don't dare waste any precious time. They have had to move up their timeline so that they can still accomplish their goal of total dominance. Because with every day that passes, more people are standing up and looking around and asking where their freedoms went. More people are buying guns and ammo. More people are stock piling food. More people are forming supportive groups. More people are realizing that they were duped by obamanation.

But with their speeding up of the timeline, it becomes even more apparent what they are doing. The water is heating up a little too fast and even more frogs are jumping out of the water. So the race is on. Who will win, the goons or us?

I know that I don't have much personally in common with some who seek freedom, but if you aint a goon, and you are against the goons, then you are on my side and I am on yours.

We have some good discussions going on here in our old Ron Paul group about whether we should all join the GOP as their numbers are down significantly and we could really make some changes. Sounds good to me; I say fight on every front. There are others who say it won't matter if the goons are controlling the voting machines; that surely makes sense. So if that seems the top priority to you, fight on that front. Meself thinks one of the most important fights is for real money, hard silver and gold that don't loose value so you are rewarded for being frugal and saving. Real property exchanges that can't be taxed into oblivion. And my other beef is the property tax. If you can't own property free and clear, you are not free, period, end of story.

There are other ways to fight and some are not pretty, fight still. Some ways to fight use deception, fight on. Some who fight are in the front lines and everyone knows their name, others are hidden behind enemy lines causing the enemies' plans to go haywire. But all are fighting.

Just know what it is you are fighting for...freedom. Freedom is self evident. It is your God-given right, not the .gov's proclamation.

This present government does not have my consent any longer.

ie our Constitution states: governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and it states: whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Well I aint happy, are you?

I don't feel too safe either, do you?

Guess it's time for a new government.

So what front are you going to fight on? There are many to choose from, but the important thing is that you know who is with you and that you fight.

And that is what the goons are most afraid of ~ that we realize this is war, and we fight.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

H1N1oink oink

So dd was told their her malady was the swine flu because she tested positive for type A flu and so can assume it is the H1N1 virus because the regular flu has not hit yet. Same thing I was told when I had my son (and me too) in to the doc this summer. "Any flu this time of year is the swine flu." It costs well over $200 to test for the swine flu and most doctor's offices are not sending the tests in. So you don't have specific proof you had it, so I am sure the PTB will still push for you to take the vaccine. How convenient. Also, the numbers can be manipulated as seen fit. Are they using all Type A positives to add to the swine numbers, or are they keeping them out? Also, there was not a fever a the beginning with this bout of flu, which is uncommon. And when a fever did show up, it was low. My dh had been sick with the same crap not too long before dd. He kept working etc. as he always does when sick, and I am sure this is also what is going through the staff of my local hospital. If you have the flu or flu like symptoms, you must be off for at least 7 days, more if symptoms have not subsided. Many people are not going to set themselves up to be off work for that long as they cannot afford it, so they don't report symptoms or go to doc. Most people are not going to their doctor's offices to get swabbed and most are not being conscientious about their spewing germs about. So this stuff is really going around right now here in our state. Side note: got an email saying someone in my area had been confimed as having swine, so we should clean our keyboards and phones each day with alchohol. --- That is not going to stop a air-born infection.
Dear daughter also did not get that bad of a cough, but she was taking a homeopathic remedy and vit D3. She is also doing some other health promoting things. Still she felt like she had been hit by a truck for a couple days and just yucky sick with sore throat, runny then stuffy nose etc.
We will see what happens when they offer her the shot or should I say "snort" at work. Yup, the first batches of flu poisen comes in the form of an inhalant. If you are young and relatively healthy, you must take the snort, not the shot. I wonder what data they are gathering there?
So now I figure that most of my immediate family have had the dreaded flu and have some immunity to it for which I am grateful.
If you don't have any vit D3 on hand, reaserch its effects on the influenza virus and then go stock up so you have it if needed.
Here to your health,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ramblings from Northwoods

I'll start this post all "warm and fuzzy" and then get down to cold cruel reality.

It's been a busy last few months with tending the garden then harvesting and canning.

Last night as I sat in my recliner feeling the warmth of the soapstone stove and watching the flames dance through the glass door (knowing we have plenty of wood for the winter) I felt I and my family had it pretty darn good.

The cupboards are full of produce grown from our own garden by our own labors. There is a full years worth of long term storage rice and beans secured. There is venison both canned and in the freezer with hopefully more to come. I mentally inventoried our backups to our backups to draw water from our well. Via our solar electric system, the lights are on and the wife sits happily feeding her addiction to the damn television.

All would seem well. We are as independent as we can possibly be.... So why then do I not feel content... and in fact, have a feeling of vulnerability?

It is because all that I have done in my 55 years toward Independence is being trashed along with the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights! Sheeple and Ostriches with there head's in the sand have allowed this to happen! You mention to them the laws that have either already been passed or are in legislation that take away their right's to have a garden, to have a garage sale, to baby sit a neighbor's child, to have federal inspectors enter your property without warrant to assess the mud puddles in your back yard......the list goes on and on. They stand there fat, dumb and happy like a deer in the headlights and say "Nah...that couldn't (didn't) happen in the USA"!.... No?... Well guess what happened while you were sleeping dumb ass!

For those who still think a "New world order" agenda is just some conspiracy theory I suggest you goggle the term and spend a few days reading. Don't let reality sink in as you and your family are being hauled off to a FEMA camp then separated by color code and life worthiness.

Once you accept the truth then connecting the dots becomes real easy!

Now I've got a deer stand to get to.

May God bless us all!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Water usage

So lately we have been very cognisant of the amount of water we use every day. We are renting a house that has a 2000 gal tank for all, and I mean all, our waste water etc. When it's full, it cost $70 to have it pumped out. When the house was built the owner had the grey water pumped out to the ditch, but when the inspector came the dear old lady who lived here tipped them off and it was all redone and checked to make sure allllll the water goes to the tank. So while I was looking forward to having a well and septic to where I did not have to think about paying that water and sewer bill, I am now feeling the pinch. Ouch!
We are taking very fast showers. And turning off the water while brushing teeth. I am glad the washer has a water saver feature...now if we can only get it to work! The water we collect in the dehumidifier is going to water the plants. I always did wait until the dishwasher was full to run it, so not much change there.
I am glad we found out that these things exist. I had never heard of such a thing before. I only knew of city water and sewer or septic tanks etc. These holding tanks are not cool. What if they can't get to you to empty? Then what.... not a pretty thought.
I sure hope we find our new place soon and don't have to have this thing pumped out too many times...Did I mention we were only here about 10 days before the alarm went off and we had to have it pumped?
Not taking water and sanitation for granted any longer,
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