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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second hand shops, Goodwill, Pawn shops and the big BUTs

With the new year and all the good intentions and resolutions floating about I thought I would try and be more consistent with posting. I know there are those who would like to be able to come here for a good word on a daily basis, so I am going to attempt to post every day...or most every day~

So, if you have not availed yourself to find all the second hand shops and Goodwills in your area, let me encourage you to do so. Believe me, you will eventually find a steal of a deal. And they will spoil you. Some time ago I was very upset with the spouse (I won't bore you with the details about our tiff) and I determined that I was going to spend some money any way I wanted, price be damned! Ha! I could not do it, I could not shop at the mall and spend the money knowing if I waited, I could get what I needed or wanted so much cheaper at one of the “used goods” stores! I did buy a few extras things, however, and I am not sorry about it. I got good deals too and some things I had been putting off getting for being frugal. Which brings me to another point...sometimes you can be too frugal and you must be wise above all. Those items that you know will be crucial to survive teotwawki, you need to address now while trade is unimpeded and trucks and freight are running on schedule. (I am also preaching to myself here as usual.)

And if God impresses you to purchase something, do it! How do you know if it is God impressing you to buy something, you ask. Well, for me, He just keeps gently nudging me in that direction. And when I finally say, I think I am being led to purchase this or do that, the nudging stops. I got it, I heard, and now He expects me to act on it.

Which brings me to thinking about God in my life. To begin each day, I have found that I need to get up early enough to spend time in prayer and reflection and read from the Bible and a devotion book or two. I have to focus my mind on God's goodness and greatness and His love for me. I have to remind myself that I am not alone, that the Creator of the Universe is there, and He is there for me. I have found that this lays the foundation for me to navigate through the day. If I don't do this each morning, I am so prone to fall into fear, and no good comes from that type of fear. Good comes from my trusting God, from trusting that He cares and He is there and that He hears my prayers. I love the verses in the Bible that state all the problems someone or some group of God's people is going through, and then in the middle of it all comes the BUT.
BUT God. I think I have mentioned this before on the blog, but it bears repeating. It might be stated just that way, or it might be more subtle. The Israelites were caught between a rock and a hard place, BUT God opened the sea that they might walk across on dry ground. They sought Peter out to pay taxes, BUT Jesus directed him to find a coin in the mouth of a fish. The people were hungry and the disciples had not brought enough to feed the 5,000; BUT God multiplied the loaves and fishes. As you look around today, and you see our liberties being assaulted on every side, and you are tempted to think it is useless to continue on in the fight, remember that the end of the sentence has not been completed just yet and it can still say, BUT God.

Hope you find wonderful bargains and start seeing the BUT God's in your life,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I love the BUT God's!! (I also love the Goodwill!)

Help U Prep said...

Hey there Gen,
I think we'd be great friends.
Thanks for stoppin by~

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