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Monday, January 26, 2009

Random thoughts and my beliefs

I have a sign in front of my house that says “House for Sale” - by owner. I have been hoping we would not have to list it with a professional and we almost did sell it. Durn, it was close. I had thought we would sell, rent, and when prices really dropped we could buy at a steal of a deal. But now I see that we also could really lose if we sold and waited and hyperinflation kicked in. I also have mixed feelings because I really don’t like certain laws here in this bitterly cold state and would prefer to move to another, a more liberty-lovin’ state, but that just doesn’t seem to be feasible at the moment. So the best choice appears to be to sell and get a better place here; we need a place with a bigger garden area and I really want livestock. Ok, I will settle for chickens. I am also praying for the ability/room to take in loved ones who may need a place to stay.

Funny how a person can change. Growing up I wanted the nice house in the ‘burbs along with all the perks. And I pretty much got that. Now, I just want to be outside the madness (think neighborhood and zoning laws) with a way to provide for our basic needs. I used to hate to be outdoors for very long, now I love nature. I am still somewhat of a germ freak, but I love camping. I liked the respect you get being in the business world, and the gratification of solving problems, but I love helping others, especially helping to relieve their pain. Maybe it’s old age setting in; your priorities change. So I pray and plan for the future with the information I have and hope for the best. I also have plan B and C which involves leaving to join up with some others where I know there is a welcome mat out. And of course I daily strive to put my ultimate trust in God and His provision, seeking to be led by Him as He is all-seeing and all-knowing. And some days that is not an easy task, i.e. I tie a knot in the rope and just hang on!

I feel God told me around then end of the last decade that we had 10 more good years left and that seems to be coming to pass. I was into some pretty heavy intercession for our nation at that time, but felt that the decision was made and there was no stopping what was coming to this nation. I also believe that God can keep His own in the “midst of” just as the Israelites were kept safe when the plagues hit the Egyptians, and Noah was kept safe in the ark. But it is up to us to heed His instructions if we want His protection. Even the Egyptians could have been kept safe had they heeded the instructions and Noah preached for many years as he built the ark. So no, I don’t think only those of my religious beliefs will be kept safe! I also think God values common sense to the point you can be greatly protected by following it! Truth is truth no matter where you find it. And I believe God desires to show mercy and grace to everyone. (So, please, spare me the rebukes and the political correctness I may not exhibit, I am just sharing my thoughts.)
Today we have food and heat and light and reasonably good health. And for that I will be grateful. I will do my best to plan for how we can live if we lose those things and/or the jobs that help provide them. And I will put my trust in God and do my best to do what He has told me and will tell me to do.

I hope you will join me in this endeaver to prepare.



M. said...

Amen...My wife and I are prepping, but it seems that most do not want to hear or see what is going on around them. I will continue to pray and prepare. I am getting the word out about the website and I am working on my neighbors.

Keep our heads up


Help U Prep said...

Thanks for getting the word out M. We need to give people the info so they can make the choice. And welcome to Wisconsin Preppers, it's good to have you. If you want to post any of things you are doing or find helpful, please shoot me an email.

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