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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new economy, hard core prepping and philosophy

When I volunteered to help with this blog for Wisconsonites, I was surprised that I was led to go easy with newbies in mind. But truth be told, I am feeling the urge to move my preps into high gear, as are many other preppers these days. So for all you newbies, please don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the following information. As I said before, if you are here, you are ahead of the game. Just do as much as you can as you see/feel the need. Please, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: if you keep hearing that little thought in your head say, “Go buy up several boxes of canning jars” and it keeps saying that, and you don’t even know how to can yet, just go with your gut and gitt’r done! If I would allow myself, I could fall into the woe is me, why didn’t I do such and thus years ago, insisted that my dh listen, read, go to, etc., so we would be on our 40 acres out in boonyville with our milk cow and chickens. But I didn’t and we aint. (Yes, I know that is poor grammar/English but bear with me.) I have seen what is coming down the pike for many years. I had no idea why I sensed it other than the good Lord showing me. Now we have the reasons in plain view and I am still having a hard time convincing dh to get a move on. Don’t get me wrong, he has come a long way, but we have a bit of a way to go also.

Being a God-fearing sort I put a good stock of thought in what the scriptures say and I see that it tells us that we are to work to provide for our own and allow ourselves to be moved with compassion to help others. But we are not to indulge those who will not work, (are lazy) and those who would trample our pearls. (Or perhaps have already trampled our pearls of warnings and pleadings to prepare.) So I do not feel indebted to everyone. You may not put store in these morals, but please do consider what you will and won’t be doing in a worst case scenario and why. I don’t make a practice of lying, but I have come to believe there are those who do not deserve the truth based on the story of the way Rahab hid the spies and saved her family and the way King David faked being insane to save his own skin. So whatever your beliefs, please ponder in advance what you would do - and why you feel morally ok with your plan. In the midst of a crisis is not the time to wonder what you should do, or the time to allow yourself to be influenced by outsiders, (or “authorities”) and then have to live to regret your decision.

In reading many websites on the economy, I do have a bit of advice. Tangibles and skills are worth more than silver and gold. The time is coming when these time-honored precious metals will be of little value. I know there are many who cannot envision that, but you cannot exist on a gold or silver diet. You will need protein, carbs and fats. Barley that you can eat or make into beer could become more valuable than gold. And skills and knowledge might be traded for food quicker than silver. If you know how to brew an herbal tea that lowers a fever or helps a body fight off a sickness that used to be treated with a drug that people no longer have available, you will be much in demand. And if you haven’t guessed by now, I predict the new economy will be one based on bartering. So think about what people will want/need the most in the next great depression and stock up with bartering in mind. Again, it may be that little voice in your head telling you to buy something you have no need for, but will be worth many good trades in the days ahead. I have run across some clearance items that I really do not intend to use, but being dirt cheap and easy to store, I got them with bartering in mind. If we go into a hyperinflation, your dollars will lose value, but your tangibles with gain value.

Now on to skills. One that I would like to get better at and also have my dd learn (Note to self: plead with dd so mom won't look like the wild women of Borneo.) is how to cut hair so that we can still look respectable. Anyone can hack away at a head of hair, but it takes some practice and some good tools to do a reasonably good job. From what I have read, the things that lift the spirit can be very important during hard times. The movie industry is one of the industries that kept on going in the last depression, so I figure someone who can make you look nice may be of value. Of course the skills of gardening, saving seed, welding, and repairing most anything, are among the skills you can think about acquiring now and I encourage you to do so. Dear daughter plans on learning to knit from one of her friends who has gifted her with some of the warmest, prettiest wool socks that I just adore. Can’t wait until dd gifts me with a pair!
So, turn off the t.v. and take a trip to the library. Explore the area of real life skills that appeals to you. It could be the investment that sustains you and yours in the days to come.
Keep on being aware, weighing your options and preppin’


American Prepper said...

Awesome Post. If you can't afford to prep supplies, then at least learn some skills. You can always barter your skills for food, water or ammo, On my website www.AmericanSurvivalStore.com I have some training Links with videos. I plan to keep adding more as time goes on. Also Check http://pioneerliving.net/ for more videos and info. And as always, there is tons of free training videos on YouTube.

erniesjourney said...

Good post - one just has to start - take that first step and it's high flyin after that. Then it becomes all-consuming.

Anonymous said...

Good post


Help U Prep said...

thanks for the kind words everyone!

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