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Monday, January 19, 2009

first blog

Hello all,
Welcome to the Wisconsin Preppers blog! I have never ran a blog before, but I am motivated to help get the word out about being prepped for whatever the future might bring. Visiting the other state blogs, I just knew this was a worthwhile endeavor. I hope you will bear with me as I am not as tech savvy as I would like.

Tomorrow we will have a new president take the oath of office and folks are wondering what the future will bring. There are many who think he will be our savior and some who think he is the devil's right hand man. In my estimatmation, it really would not have mattered too much which of the candidates won. We are on a collision course with hard times and no one man can do much to halt the incoming tide. Had my hopes up for a bit when I saw all the support that Ron Paul had gathered, but the powers that be did what they do best and in the end, he did not have a chance. Only they weren't able to stop the idea of true freedom which Ron preached. From young to old all over this land, people are waking up and I thank Ron for his part in that. Now it's up to us.

Liberty is worth fighting to maintain and regain. Being self-sufficient and responsible for oneself is part of that fight, so being prepared to care for ourselves and our families is the name of the game.

Hope we can make some good conections among the liberty lovin' right here in Wisconsin.



American Survivalist said...

Yep, I agree. Tons of Ron Paul Signs everywhere, especially at home in Idaho. Many still up. Loudest cheers at the debates, Ron Paul bumper stickers before anyone else, Tons of followers on the internet. And very little traction in the media. It's Obvious that Main Stream Media is controlled by the tyrants in government.

Bullseye said...

Welcome to the network. Look forward to all posts.

riverwalker said...

A great big Texas welcome!


M. said...

Good to see some wisconsin awareness...I look forward to future posts.

Help U Prep said...

Thanks everyone! I have so much to learn on how to work this page on the technical point. Hoping my ds can show me a few things so I can post pictures and etc. in the future and make it interesting.
Help U Prep

Shy Wolf said...

Howdy, HUP- got your western border covered here. Sounds good so far- welcome to the APN. Glad to have you visit yesterday, thank you for the welcome.
God bless our endeavors. (If you need some tech help, I might be able to do a little. I'll open my IM to you if need be, so just email and I'll get your SN)

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