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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awareness continued

Just a quick thought for today to encourage everyone in developing a prepardeness mindset.
I know some may find this difficult to do, but if you can, try to keep a paper and pen(cil) handy as you go about your day. Every time you think, "Oh, I wish I had an extra one of that here in the car " or "at work" - you get the idea, you write it down and make it so. When I shared an office with my super at work, she would need some odd thing and I would have it in my desk for her to use, and she would say, "Only you would have this," and chuckle. It is something I come by naturally I guess, but as you start to think about what you might need if the lights go out -for more than 10 minutes, and plan for that-well then you start to be a true prepper. And as you use your mind in this way, you will naturally begin to see what you need to do. Second hand shops and Goodwill are great places to get some of the things you might want to have extras of.
If you have kids, you also might want to play a game with them by pretending the electric goes out and what are the things you would need to use or do. You might be surprised at your little ones and the ideas they generate. Then if the lights really do go out, you can recall the fun you had when you played the game, thus making it less tramatic for them.
As an aside, some of the things that I have found useful to have in my car are books, snacks, a scissor, a screw driver, extra sunglasses, a plastic bag , an old telephone book and wet wipes. (I don't go anywhere with out my huge mug of water just in case you're wondering.) And Ihad those things in my car before I thought about preppin'! So what do you have in your car? Or what do you think you should have in your car?
Keep smilin'


Shy Wolf said...

GOOD thinking, HUP! Now, if I can just remember to bring that list with me when I change shirts!
Another aspect of Preparedness Mindset is our 'Awareness Level Mindset', as well. Using the color chart, we think of Condition White being 'asleep at the wheel'; Condition Amber/Yellow is alert and observant, casual yet ready; Condition Orange is a threat noticed and the 'flight or fight' decision is made and Condition Red is 'battle stations', the decision to fight is made for us, we are in it to our necks. Some have added to the list, giving it more meat and colors, but in my mind, the four are enough- and White should be deleted but can't due to sleep deprivation. Dogs are a good example of never being in 'white'- just try sneaking up on one asleep. He'll open his eyes, look at you and say, "You think you're quiet? LOL"
Good post. Keep prepping and your awareness up.

erniesjourney said...

Great post - funny, we are planning a "dry run" for the family in a week or so - no electricity and cooking with the woodburner etc - pouring water down toilet to flush etc - just want to see how everyone handles it with all of our prepping now (also need a good laugh). Might tell us a few things too!

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