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Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I am going to use a part of a post that Shy Wolf, my western neighbor, posted on the MN prepper’s site. Here is the MN link: http://minnesotapreppersnetwork.blogspot.com/
I totally agree with what he has to say on this subject and I also encourage you to visit that site for some good info.
So here’s what he wrote: “To date, the objectives are to gain membership of like-minded individuals; share ideas and skills; get to know each other and have a network of individuals working together in emergencies and learn ways to prepare for emergencies of any kind. Perhaps a "meet and greet" at some future date to get to know each other; to keep America together and a beautiful place to live, a country retaining its Freedoms and the Liberty of the Individual. A place where people will always want to immigrate to.Being new, our guidelines are thin at the moment as to what will happen and how, yet there must be some and these are a few we can all relate to:
A) Since the First Amendment is the life blood of the Web and blogs, articles and comments will not be moderated so long as they pertain to topic and are not slanderous, libelous, degrading to any individual, race, religion or region. In other words: no mud slinging.As moderator, I don't want to be forced to act the part, so let's please keep it clean. Thank you.
B) Please: NO political ranting. We can keep that on our personal blogs. Unless a political comment is pertinent to the post, forget it. Make it "news we can use".
C) Absolutely NO revolutionary talk or government overthrow ideas. Zip. None. Nada.
D) This is not a Militia site. However, there will be posts that relate to that topic. Every American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, others, and their property. Guns are an integral component of self defense and will be discussed.
E) No name calling or putting others down. Be civil, be constructive in criticism, be honest, build up individuals and ideas.Since no one has (most likely) ever been through the kind(s) of 'emergencies' many survival topics will be about, no one is the ultimate authority. Some people will certainly have more experience than others and they should share this. It's only American to be concerned for the welfare of your neighbors, which is why we are here.”

And as he went on to offer, I also offer anyone who is interested in guest posting, or having a role in this grand adventure, to please feel free to let me know in a comment and I will be in touch.


American Prepper said...

Great Job HUP

(The following is a re-posting from American Preppers Network)
I had an excellent opportunity to stop in, have lunch, and meet CatMan from California for the first time. A pretty awesome guy we all have here operating California. He's got a lot of good ideas. Check out his network whenever you get a chance. He plans to start up sub-chapters within the California Preppers Network. By the way, from now on, whenever I receive a dispatch, I will post my route. If you see that I will be heading your way, e-mail me and maybe we can hook up and talk Preppin' over lunch or dinner.

Help U Prep said...

Excellent idea SW. I can do lunch on the days I am not working and if you're real close I can arrange a longer lunch period. And the sub chapters, well I could see those operating like a meet up group or some such. Don't ya just love the net and the opportunities it brings!

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