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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do preppers need preachers?

I adhere to Christian faith, but if you do not, I hope you will still keep reading. There is a lot to think about here, no matter what philosophy you choose to live by.

So do preppers need preachers? No, you can prep without a preacher, but people do need them and preachers have been enlisted by the state to help us in times of emergency so I am gonna post today about preachers and what I would like them as well as y’all to know.

I have read that the adage back in the day, when they wrote the Declaration of Independence was “Life, Liberty and Property.” And I believe it was because it makes so much sense to me.

Today, there is a saying that goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone,” and it can be true enough. But I also think it is true that if you have never experienced something, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” So here in the US, we who have not lived in true liberty don’t know what we are missing. That is until someone comes along who is truly free for us to observe or the idea of true liberty is explained to us. Real liberty includes responsibility, of course. You cannot have a republic without a people who are willing to be self-governing.

I sometimes wonder why our public education system does not require the students to learn more about the foundation of our country. Most do not even know what a representative republic is and why it was the type of government that was chosen by the founders. Or the fact that the people were warned that they would have to be on guard to keep it, and not slide into a democracy and the “state” it would bring. But the thought that is running through my head today is, “Where are the preachers?”

I do not think that the men who fought for our freedoms would have been able to succeed if they would have had to deal with the preachers that we have in our nation today. Of course, many of them are so afraid of losing their tax exempt status that they would not dare speak out against anything Uncle Sam says not to. What a racket. We are controlled through taxation and through tax exemption!

If you are a preacher reading this, may I suggest you prayerfully consider what I am about to say and then read the link I am attaching to this post very thoroughly. Preachers and teachers will be held accountable before God in a way more seriously manner than the rest of us will. You are to take care of the flock God has given you, and right now, you might want to think about helping them to prepare for hard times, because they are coming. And who you, preacher, listen to, and how you divide the Word is going to really matter.

As Christians we are told we are to be light and salt. And at the founding of this nation, we were. But as history goes to show, prosperity tends to breed complacency which eventually leads to bondage. We are already in servitude mode, but most do not see it and will think I am crazy to even suggest it. But let me ask you this – is there anyone here in this nation who truly owns his own residence? You may think you do, but just try not paying your property taxes and see what happens. You only are being allowed to rent the property of your choice from the state. We (most often with the help of a financial institution) give each other money to be able to choose which property we will rent from our government. (I won’t even get into building codes, etc.) And without owning your own property, you are not, and cannot be truly free. You must participate in whatever program the state chooses for you to pay them rent. No way around it that I know of. You must bow as slave to the state or as some would say, “You are forced to feed the beast.” What happens when you feed something? Yup, that’s right, it grows or gets stronger, bigger. And we have been brainlessly feeding this beast for many years. (I do not choose to discuss the many benefits I supposedly reap from these property taxes. There are other ways I could reap the benefits I choose to have. At present, I do not have a choice, and without choice, I am not free.) And since the beast just demanded so many more of our tax dollars to bail out industries that have been bad stewards, well, Lord help us all! But I digress…

Why do you think that God gave his people land? And at the year of Jubilee the land went back to the original owners? It was for freedom. God did not want His people to be slaves.

Another thing that proves we are not free is the way our hard earned frn’s are stolen from us and given to others. I believe in giving charity to those in need, but when I do not have a choice in the matter, it is no longer charity, it is servitude.

As we are going to be facing one of the most trying times any of us could possibly face in the not so distant future, I am concerned about the choices most of the people of this nation will make. Never really having or understanding what true liberty is, or that we have unalienable rights granted to us by God most will freely choose more chains of bondage in exchange for empty promises of a better future.

The state has recently recruited pastors to help them in times of emergency. They know it will be much easier to handle “we the people” if they use a trusted servant of God to do their bidding. The mantra will be that they are helping us of course. And the preachers will buy into it, unless they get a different view on what the Bible really says.

So many christias are used to listening to it being preached that we are to obey our government as long as it does not tell us to deny Christ - usually based on Romans 13. I once asked my pastor what he thought of the founders not obeying their government as shown by their revolting and he told me that they had disobeyed God. Can you imagine? I bet the founders would turn over in their graves if they knew how many men and women of God thought the revolution they fought and the sacrifices they made were for selfish reasons and against God’s direct command.

I am posting this article:


because the author raises some really good points about thinking that we christians should obey the state as a Christian duty. I do not agree with all his points; I am merely suggesting you who read the article listen to his reasoning. And I do not purport revolting as a militia would, so please spare me the inferences. I just am asking that you read the article and do some of your own research. Maybe a few preachers will decide to give up their tax exempt status to be able to preach the unadulterated truth and really help their congregants by teaching them to be self reliant, self governing and prepared.


American Prepper said...

Thanks for the posting, I'm a christian too, so you're in good company here.

Anonymous said...

Amen Deb...Amen,
I believe the upcoming driver's licence ID chip they have planed is but a prelude to "the mark of the beast".
I for one will drive without a licence before I'll comply to this BS.
It is my intention to speak to all the Christian ministers in my area to remind them of the Revelations and advise their parishioners to not comply!

Great post!

erniesjourney said...

Fantastic post HUP! Totally agree with you. I am a strong christian and I fellowship with my husband, family and friends - as YAWEH intended us to. All of those preachers out there that are preaching a pre-trib rapture are totally going against our Creator and His Word. YAWEH, as you pointed out, wants us to be prepared for these times that is why most of the bible is prophecy! Great job!


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