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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2008. I wondered today what people in the future would think of this day. Only time will tell...

If you are reading this blog on prepping, please know that you are now ahead of the game. Just for being here and reading these posts, you are miles ahead of Joe Smoe, doesn’t want to know, and Sally Heaple, just another one of the sheeple.

Because the first and foremost thing in being prepared is awareness.

If you don’t believe me, just think back on all the pain you could have saved yourself over the years of your life, if you had just been aware. Accidents avoided, health preserved, relationships saved. You can gain and add to your awareness through life lessons, but it is more advisable to learn through study and reflection, other people’s experiences and ideas, and testing your plans to see if they really will work.

If you are new to all this and you don’t know where to get started, I would like to suggest that you think of what might go wrong--- today. If your car won’t start, do you have a set of jumper cables? If the electricity goes out because somebody hits a pole in your area, can you still feed the kids supper? (Without going out to the grocery or to buy fast food.) Start small. What do you need to make it through the things that can go unexpectedly wrong today? How could you be better prepared? If you come home and find the water has been turned off and you didn’t get the notice of repairs to be made by your friendly municipality, could you wash for dinner? In other words, start thinking about one day and what you take for granted. Then think of what you would need to survive for one day without having to depend on too many other people, including mass transit, phone service, and retail. Mull it over. Each one of us is in a different situation. What would your most urgent need be? How could you prepare for that?
Now that you have started to think about being self-sufficient, you can begin to make preps. It may be as easy as getting to know your neighbors a bit better so you can feel comfortable enough to borrow a cup of sugar if the need arises. It could be filling empty soda bottles with water and storing them under the sink for wash-up water. Or it may mean some cutting back on buying the latest and greatest _____ (you fill in the blank) in order to have the funds to purchase the basic things to have on hand - now that you know you need them.

I am a firm believer in guidance from above, and that each one of us should prep according to our individual needs. So listen to that inner voice or prompting that says, “Do this first.” And then do it. For those of you who don’t believe in any higher power, I would still recommend going with your gut. What do you feel is the most important thing to get together first? Then do it.

Welcome to the prepper’s world. I are glad you are here. And please feel free to share the things that you are now starting to do, or have done, that gives you peace of mind. We will all learn from each other. A good idea is a terrible thing to keep to yourself!

Help U Prep


Northwoods said...

Hello Deb,
Thank's for taking on our state of Wisconsin.
Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your current prep's?
Maybe do a profile of some sort so we know who we're talking to.
Hate to put you on the spot like that but...

Help U Prep said...

Hello Northwoods! Welcome!
I hope to be doing that soon. I am not too tech savvy, - which I need to work on. Had typed some things up and then lost it. Now I am typing things up in word -- has that wonderful Undo Button! and then posting here.
My dh is not yet of the same mindset as I am so that has hindered some of my preps... If it were up to me, we would be out in Idaho or Montana somewhere! We could get by right now for a few weeks, but as many folks know, we need to prepare for a much longer time period. With determination and God's grace, we will be ready.
Hope to hear more from you~
Take care,
Deb - aka HUP

erniesjourney said...

Great blog Deb - welcome to preppers! Nice to yak to another female LOL! You are doing great and I am computer stupid too so don't feel lonely there!
God Bless and Prep On

Shy Wolf said...

ROFL, Ernie- can't stop chucklin' over that...now, we know you ain't stoopud cuz yer here...an learnin' a puter's just a bitta practice, like kinda aiming at the right spot on the target. Or is it the left spot? dangit, now you got me wonderin'.
Good post, HUP/Deb. Thanks for the ideas.

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