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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have given much thought to ways we can stem the tide of what I see coming upon this nation. Some of the most important are: encouraging the use of alternative currencies, ie real money, educating as many people as we possibly can, (especially concerning natural rights verses .gov granted rights), becomig self-sufficient, and the last I will mention today is to promote Oathkeepers. Please visit their site: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2009/03/03/declaration-of-orders-we-will-not-obey/ and then pass the info along as you can.
When you come down to it, the goons cannot do too much unless they have the cooperation from enough of the sheeple to do their bidding. The way they get that cooperation is to deceive us, to get us to believe the outright lies they tell us. They rewrite history and present it as truth. They infiltrate our groups and cause infighting. They use good moral and even Godly people for their ungodly purposes. May God have mercy on us and grant us to see true truth.
If the ptb do not have “boots on the ground” they will be severely limited. So much of what we need to know is common sense, but common sense is now uncommon! Oathkeepers lays it out so well. And if you think that the things oathkeepers lays out could not possible happen, I beg you to think again. It has happened in the past, and history is often repeated, so we do face these issues that oathkeepers raises.
We think that we are so advanced due to the technological wonders of our day, we think we are all that and a bag of chips, but human nature has been and will be unchanged. We were born into sin and only through the grace of God can we free ourselves of the bonds we were born into. The founders, knowing this, puts checks and balances into the government so as to keep human nature from taking over. Well, it took some time, but we are no longer the land of the free. But most of us still think of ourselves as free...we don't even know just how enslaved we are! Now how's that for the perfect strategy? Get a people to cooperate and do your bidding all the while thinking they are free and working for themselves!
Ayn Rand had some things right when she wrote Atlas Shrugged. I do not care for her morals; she was an atheist and it shows, but the conclusions she draws as to the course we are on were correct. She saw what was coming concerning collectivism and how the ptb would make us into a socialistic society. She understood that capitalism works. I differ from her in that I feel it works based on the principle of “you shall reap what you sow,” and I do not agree with her when she views altruism as a very evil thing. But we do agree about the individual's right to self determination. The difference between us is that I view self determination as granted by God, and individual rights as granted by God. I also feel it is not immoral to lend a helping hand to those in need, but it must be an individual's choice to help, and not forced, either by the threat of violence or through manipulation; the right to own property is the foundation of capitalism. And foundational to all biblical law is the right to own property and self determination. The government the founders wanted was created to secure these individual rights. And that is the limited government to which I would like to return.

I encourage you to fight on every front, to use every platform you are granted and to pray to God for mercy,

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Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.

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