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Friday, November 6, 2009

Good to see

I went to a political forum the other night and I was so encouraged to see about 150 people show up to hear and ask questions of the candidates for a vote one year away.
The questions were good, and some answers were excellent.

"Dear Candidate, when is it morally acceptable to take my money, my tax dollar, and give it to someone else?" "That's easy, never!" DING DING DING - RIGHT ANSWER!!!!!

One candidate said he would end the fed, one said he would say no even to his own party on principle and one was blah blah blah. Hey, two possible "get-its" out of three made my day!

Of course, I was disappointed that none felt we should be bringing our troops home and get out of other nations' affairs, but I think they will listen and I did have conversation with the two potential liberty lovers after the event.

Time will tell, but I am thinking with the numbers of the Repugnant Party down, it could prove to our advantage to get involved on a state level.. and shouldn't that be where the power rests really?

It was awesome to see and hear people come out and basically say, "We want our freedoms back!" Yuppers, look out you power hungry goons, the natives are definitely restless...



American Trucker said...

Excellent Post! I'm seeing third party freedom loving constitutionalists and libertarians really gaining some traction now. I think the people are beginning to wake up to the fact that the 2 party system just does not work.

Help U Prep said...

Hey there AT,
I agree with you... and it's about time.
Thanks for stopping by.

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