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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How dare you!

How dare you? How dare you act as self-appointed slave masters over me...over my children! How dare you steal from me, the little that I have, and all the while go on your way, nodding and smiling, while you vote yourself special privileges. You say men of integrity, true men, men who say what they mean and mean what they say, are a threat to our “way of life.” No, they are not a threat to “our way of life,” they are a threat to you and the power you have found yourself to possess. So you take good men's words and twist them, or more effective yet, you totally ignore them and pretend they and their high moral standards and ideals of liberty are not plausible or are simply, “non-issues.”
So here you are, living the high life, ignorant of, or opposed to, the God-given rights secured to us..WE THE PEOPLE.
You take every precaution to keep your position and power. You carefully choose your words at all times, crafting what you say and how you will say it, always seeking to appease the sheeple. You purposely veil your real agenda, and walk in deceit without repercussion. If forced, you blantenly lie; this has also been without consequence.
Furthermore, you have allowed unconscionable laws to be enacted out of loyalty to special interests groups or your hidden agenda, laws that are used to incarcerate honest, well-intentioned people, people who exercise common sense and good judgment. And you do not have an ounce of conscience left to care.
You sanction laws that teach the young of our society by example and by experience that enslavement is the natural way of life by compelling them to attend the ungodly public institutions of indoctrination called the public schools; and all the while you give your nod of approval as you join in the mantra of “It's all for their good.” Socialism is presented as the answer to all our problem in these institutions, and no one is the wiser because we have been deliberately dumbed down over decades.
You seek to regulate and control everyone you possibly can, ensuring no one can craft a career without paying ridiculous fees for attaining the required “higher education” and then following the “rules” as dictated by you and the State, i.e. requiring people to pass tests and to apply for the privileges of licensure in order to “practice.” And of course the State also reaps fees intermittently for these licenses, thus padding the coffers.
You seek to eliminate my right to defend myself, my family and my property by passing unconstitutional laws that restrict my right to bear arms, thus putting my life and the lives of my loved ones in jeopardy. How dare you!
I have given a portion of my life, of my numbered days, in exchange for a fiat dollar that you allow to be devalued at the whim of few elite bankers so that you have the funds to fight wars and the funds to distribute as you see fit, so that you can keep your position and power.
I am tired of being your slave, and I am not alone. I want you out of my life! I do not need your help or protection and I do not want it. I want LIBERTY.
You have sold your soul and you are about to reap the consequences. WE THE PEOPLE are no longer being deceived by your tactics and we are moving to end your reign of tyranny.
Continental Congress is in session.
Go to www.cc2009.us



Northwoods said...

Outstanding post HUP!!
If just a fraction of the so called "Men" in this country had your gut's to tell it like it is we would still have our republic!
You are some kinda lady and I'm proud to associate with you!

Help U Prep said...

Wow. That means so very much to me. Thank you. I very much value your opinion and I am deeply apprecieative of your friendship and support as we prepare and as we battle the ptb and the goons. I hope I can continue to be used, in some small way, to inspire "we the people" with my posts.

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