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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Have ya ever noticed how and when language changes? May I point out the changes over the years in the words we use? Thirty years ago who would have thought that we would all know that a mouse is a necessary work tool in the “information age” and everyone would begin to call mail, snail mail to differentiate the difference between it and email? So as times change the language can reflect that, but also as change is forced onto a people, or manipulated into a people, language is used as a tool. I remind you, dear reader, of the novel 1984 and how language was approached and controlled in order to control the populace.

In fact just thinking about 1984, I am feeling a need to go back and reread it, as I sometimes feel I am living it. The best example as of late is the President's push for “mandatory volunteerism.” How can volunteering be mandatory and still be something you do voluntarily? And yet have you heard even one reporter challenge the concept or point out this oxymoron? I have not, but I cannot be everywhere all the time. (Smile.)

Mandatory volunteerism. Could slavery be made to sound any better than this? I think not. George Orwell would have been proud.

Anyway, the point is we are being duped on every side and it is very hard to get at the truth, for in my view there is no more “truth in reporting.” I don't think they even try to report the truth or be objective any more. Which reminds me of how every single time I have had the newspaper report on a function I have attended or quoted me in their publication, they have been wrong. ARG. How can they take such, how shall I say it....liberties? But take them they do...literally. (Can't words me fun!) But I challenge you to begin to pick up on how we are being manipulated with words and how we are being out-right lied to.

I was going to post about the word and concept of patriotism, but perhaps another day...

Most of my readers know that I want my God-given liberties back and someday, by His grace, I will have them. I have taken to saying I was born into slavery, but hope to die a free man.
Which leads me to my main point today. I just got my new copy of Backwoods Home mag and again it has an excellent article addressing our liberties lost, titled “Abandoning the Constitution! (Who's to blame for the loss of rights?)” Written simply, without malice or a preachy-type feeling, it approaches the subject of our Constitution and what it stands for in a very low key, yet informative manner.

Good publication, Backwoods Home. I highly recommend it. But the current article should be spread far and wide to help open the eyes of the sheeple. I do not know if it will be one that they post on their website or not. But I encourage you to go out and find the Jan/Feb 2010 issue in order to have this most excellent article and let it start you on a journey of research to see whether the things that are stated are so...they are, but some of you need to gather your own proof. And some of you just need something to hand to a loved one and say, “I just read this and it really got me to thinking...and I was wondering if you would read it and tell me what you think about it?”

Hope you are having a great day...I am, the Sun is shining and it is not snowing!


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great post! I love the quote about being born into slavery, but dying a free man! Fabulous! I've subscribed to Countryside for years and love it, and this year I told hubby that I wanted a subscription to Backwoods Home. I'm really excited to get it now and read the article you mentioned!

Anonymous said...

I like Backwoods Home. I have lots of old issues stored up, figuring that someday when the electricity doesn't work anymore, I may need a lot of reading material.

Help U Prep said...

Thanks Gen-Il Homesteader, it is so nice to have someone appreciate the blog. I don't think you will be dissappointed with Backwoods, they have some really good articles on prepping.

Hello Hermit,
Thanks for stopping in and commenting.
I too have plenty of old mags I know will come in real handy some day. I just hope it will be later rather than sooner!


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