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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Small Victory

My last post expressed my concern for the fed gov. pushing the "Hyped Up" Swine Flu vaccine on our children and administering it in our Schools.
I for one, raised local Holy Hell over this and convinced others to do the same!
I spoke with the school administrator and school board chairman as well as many parents in our area.
Without my previous knowledge my 12th grade daughter asked for a private meeting with her principal and with tears in her eye's said to him, "You are responsible for the students in this school....That's your job....Please don't let my friends be hurt...don't allow this vaccine in our school"!
She told me he turned his chair to face away from her and said "You are a very brave young lady and I'll express what you've said to the school board"....
It was announced Friday that our local school district has told the County Heath Dept. they will not allow them to use the school building to vaccinate anyone.
They have since made arrangements to use the Town Hall (for the uninformed/clueless).
I can't say for sure if either I or my daughter made the major difference in that decision but I will say this, "Don't ever think your voice doesn't matter...it does"!
One thing I can say for sure is " I'm one proud Dad "!


Help U Prep said...

Don't ever underestimate your impact. I think it was a huge victory; how can you measure the value of saving even one kid from the effects of getting a severe reaction to these vaccines?
I am sure the school's response to not let the goons use the facility has kept many from taking the shot.

And even as importantly, the school stood up to the ptb and said NO, we will not go along with your dictates! I think we will need a lot more people to stand up and say no in the days to come.

Good Job and a hearlfelt thanks to both you and your daughter for your victory in this battle for freedom!


Northwoods said...

Thanks HUP,
I guess we do have to start on a local government scale to remind them just who works for whom.
Locally we can "get in their face" with a suttle reminder that "we know where they live"!
That is until the fed gov. bribes the local politicians with free Secret Service protection.
That's when the threat of tourchs and pitch forks fail and all hell will break loose!
As things are going in DC...I wouldn't want to be a Secret Service agent cuz pitch forks ain't gonna be what the'll be facein'!

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