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Monday, October 26, 2009

A way to kill your kid for free?

Yes Citizens...you heard me right!
The federal government will now "Free of charge" stick a lethal needle into your child's arm and thus save you the expense of any further nurturing of any kind! (They call it a vaccination against the flu.)
Just imagine the money you'll save on stuff like food and clothes. Not to mention collage tuition and car insurance!
Just think of the countless hours you'll save not having to hug them and say "I love You"!
Yes folks the fed gov (as always) has your best interests in mind...So tell the little tot's to roll their sleevees and take their medicine!
Or you can do as I did when receiving a permission/ denial form from my Daughter's school.
Under "Other" in the refusal form I wrote..."Severe reaction to New World Order Genocide"!
If you truly love your children you will research the unneeded crap they have in this poison.
Do the research and you wont just say "No" you'll say "HELL NO"!!!


Help U Prep said...
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Did it MY way said...

The dumbing down of America just took another step down.

God help us.

See Ya

Bullseye said...

You should be able to hear the "HELL NO !!!" from where you are man. The only shots around here have gunsmoke behind them. Good post brother.

Northwoods said...

My way..If somebody wasn't "Dumb" already they would have to be if takeing this shot once knowing all the facts. There's just somethin' damn fishy goin' on with the fed's "OVER" hype! Thanks for stopin' by...

Bull's..Good to hear from Ya Buddy!
Yeah I'm thinkin' if they try to make this manditory it'll turn into blood bath for sure!
Difference is they'll know immediately what our shots contain and the effects wont take years to discover!

Publius said...

the guy who runs the Ontario Preppers Network really attacked me when I tried to explain why I thought the H1N1 vaccine might be a bad idea... it's good to see that some of the preppers are skeptical of government medicine.

Anonymous said...

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