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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Water usage

So lately we have been very cognisant of the amount of water we use every day. We are renting a house that has a 2000 gal tank for all, and I mean all, our waste water etc. When it's full, it cost $70 to have it pumped out. When the house was built the owner had the grey water pumped out to the ditch, but when the inspector came the dear old lady who lived here tipped them off and it was all redone and checked to make sure allllll the water goes to the tank. So while I was looking forward to having a well and septic to where I did not have to think about paying that water and sewer bill, I am now feeling the pinch. Ouch!
We are taking very fast showers. And turning off the water while brushing teeth. I am glad the washer has a water saver feature...now if we can only get it to work! The water we collect in the dehumidifier is going to water the plants. I always did wait until the dishwasher was full to run it, so not much change there.
I am glad we found out that these things exist. I had never heard of such a thing before. I only knew of city water and sewer or septic tanks etc. These holding tanks are not cool. What if they can't get to you to empty? Then what.... not a pretty thought.
I sure hope we find our new place soon and don't have to have this thing pumped out too many times...Did I mention we were only here about 10 days before the alarm went off and we had to have it pumped?
Not taking water and sanitation for granted any longer,


Kymber said...

HUP - i don't know how many people are in your family or if my suggestions will work for you or not, here or in your next house, - but here are a few:

1.) We installed gutters that empty to a rainbarrel and use all of the water from our rainbarrels as drinking water. We take the water from the rainbarrel and run it through our Berkey Water Filter. It takes almost no time for the Berkey to filter the rainwater and we have never had better tasting water. We even use this method in the winter using melted snow - you wouldn't believe how much money this saves us off of our water bill!!!

2.) Since there is only me and my hubby in our family - we follow the "mellow" method when flushing the toilet. It goes like this:
"If it's yellow - let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down"
i think you can get the drift of what it is saying but if not - basically if it's just a #1, wait until there are a few #1's before flushing. And of course - flush all #2's. We have found that the amount of money we have saved on our water bill by following this method is actually shocking! i learned of this from many homesteading sites where people with large families follow this method and i am very glad that i learned of it!

#3.) i keep a large bucket of water near the dishwasher and sink. Instead of running tap water to rinse any dishes before putting them in the dishwasher - i rinse them in the bucket instead. After the water gets to dirty, i refill the bucket. i only refill the bucket 2-3 times a day - but again - the amount of money that you can save on your water bill by doing something as small as this also provides great savings.

Not sure if you or any of your readers will find these things helpful or not but thought i would share anyway.

Thanks for always having interesting and thought-provoking posts that make me wonder and think about different things - its much appreciated!

Good luck on finding a new place soon!!!

Northwoods said...

We too must have a "holding tank" as apposed to a septic field system.
Apparently the property you're renting did not soil perc so the waste water could leech into the earth.
We also have a "2000" gal tank but generally only need it emptyed twice a year.
Your concern is only with outgoing water down a drain and not what you draw from the fossett.
My guess is, the tank was pretty full when you moved in and your usage was not the main factor.
As it stands right now our county zoneing actually keeps track of how often a holding tank is emptyed. A "comply or you die" tactic no doubt! When TSHTF I've got a sludge pump that will empty it just fine.
Kember's got the right idea in conserving your out going water and I like her limrick...though around here in regard to flushing we say "if it's brown it go's down", if it's yellow than piss on it"!
If you should wind up buying this place I could give you alot more pointers but I'm sure this tank was maxed out before you got there.
Good luck on the home search!

Help U Prep said...

You are always so encouraging! I will be implimenting some of your ideas, thanks so much.

Good to hear from you! What pray tell is a sludge pump?
and feel free to post some again, it's been awhile since we've had a post from you.


Northwoods said...

A sludge pump is a motorized pump that can draw liquid containing some solids.
As for my posting, I know it's been a while.
With all that the damn government's been pulling lately I get so damn pissed off it's hard for me to keep my four letter words to a minimum!
I'll post if and when I can be a bit civil.
Best to You,

Kymber said...

HUP - thanks to you for being the inspiration behind my latest post at the Nova Scotia Preppers Network...check it out when you have the time!


Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Preppers

Just wanted to share how I cut my water bill in half. Some of this will help you cut your holding tank in half also.

1st= Save the water from your showers to flush the toilet. I save it in buckets right now, but hope to get a barrel and gravity fed system going soon. The idea is to use the same water more than once.

2nd- Throw the dish water on your plant and garden, (use safe soap)helps to keep bugs away and saves on your tank

3rd- I do my cloths washing like the wringer washing system. I drain the water into two garbage cans, one for wash and one for rinse. Then I pail back into the washing machine, I do this for 3 loads, white, colored, darks.

The Idea is to reuse the same water as many times as possible.

Hope this helps.

PS= I also use rain water that I collect in barrels for laundry and toilet use.

curly a Wisconsin Prepper

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