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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ramblings from Northwoods

I'll start this post all "warm and fuzzy" and then get down to cold cruel reality.

It's been a busy last few months with tending the garden then harvesting and canning.

Last night as I sat in my recliner feeling the warmth of the soapstone stove and watching the flames dance through the glass door (knowing we have plenty of wood for the winter) I felt I and my family had it pretty darn good.

The cupboards are full of produce grown from our own garden by our own labors. There is a full years worth of long term storage rice and beans secured. There is venison both canned and in the freezer with hopefully more to come. I mentally inventoried our backups to our backups to draw water from our well. Via our solar electric system, the lights are on and the wife sits happily feeding her addiction to the damn television.

All would seem well. We are as independent as we can possibly be.... So why then do I not feel content... and in fact, have a feeling of vulnerability?

It is because all that I have done in my 55 years toward Independence is being trashed along with the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights! Sheeple and Ostriches with there head's in the sand have allowed this to happen! You mention to them the laws that have either already been passed or are in legislation that take away their right's to have a garden, to have a garage sale, to baby sit a neighbor's child, to have federal inspectors enter your property without warrant to assess the mud puddles in your back yard......the list goes on and on. They stand there fat, dumb and happy like a deer in the headlights and say "Nah...that couldn't (didn't) happen in the USA"!.... No?... Well guess what happened while you were sleeping dumb ass!

For those who still think a "New world order" agenda is just some conspiracy theory I suggest you goggle the term and spend a few days reading. Don't let reality sink in as you and your family are being hauled off to a FEMA camp then separated by color code and life worthiness.

Once you accept the truth then connecting the dots becomes real easy!

Now I've got a deer stand to get to.

May God bless us all!



Help U Prep said...

Good post, Northwoods. You are right. But sometimes I find it hard to blame the sheeple. They have been trained since infanthood to go along to get along, not think for themselves, trained to watch the idiot box and be good little workers. We can certainly thank the govrun schools. They are beginning to wake up, but I fear it may be too late. So many good people are being arrested, haressed and even sent to prison for not adhering to the latest bureaucratic nonsense and more and more people are beginning to see these horrible injustices. With God's mercy, we will rise up and demand our freedom returned and true justice to rule, or so I hope.

Northwoods said...

I'm afraid you're right. It seems (by design) the schools have failed to teach the basic principles that our country was founded on.
At my age and coming from generations of military who have sworn an oath to our Constitution,I'm one frog that "can feel" the heat in the pot!
What's happening in Washington now just puts me on an emotional roller coaster. Gets me goin' from total disbelief to sadness to pure RAGE!
God help the sorry brain washed SOB that shows up on my land (without a warrent) to micro chip my freak'n chickens! He'll wish the schools had taught em the Constitution as he becomes fertilizer for my "illegal" garden!
May God help our republic!
Any luck on the new home?

Help U Prep said...

Nope, haven't found a good one yet.
You ever read that book about "feeding the pigs" as a way to erradicate all evidence?
Not a book I can recommend, but had some interesting concepts.

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