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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Socialist agenda 101

I have a couple kids in college and it is interesting to pick up their text and peruse it. They say they present both side of the story, but they really are biased. They present as truth their very leftist view point. In my kid's sociology class the text says that the goal of the text book is to connect the kids with the political issues in the world and to explain what politics are about. I thought a sociology class was to teach the kids about how to study society. Silly me.

It starts with laying the ground work by stressing the fact that personal troubles as really "social issues" that effect other people also. Basically implying that you are not responsible for yourself, you can blame society for your troubles, especially because many people have trouble through no fault of their own. It goes on to say that politics is the process a society uses to define social problems and politics is also the process that enacts specific policies as solutions. By stating these things it assumes that the Nanny state is good and everyone acknowledges that, and that is just the way it is, and that it has always been that way. NOT!

I wish I was taking this class. I would give this prof a run for his money on these assumptions. First by confronting the fact that they manipulating people by not even acknowledging things exist that they don't want the kids to think about.

The book also defines the loss of choices as a bad thing, for you know the poor don't have the same choices as the rich...really? What about the choices I loose when the .gov steals my money through excessive taxation to give it to those I would never chose to give it to? I pay my taxes or I go to jail. Some choice! But I forget, the socialists don't recognize every one's individual rights as being a good thing, let alone the self-evident truths as outline by the Constitution. They don't even bring up the Constitution or the principles that our government was founded on. And that is so easy to do since our history teachers and texts all across the country have been successful in removing that lesson from the history books. And that is just one more reason to home school your kids.

And the book extols collectivism. If they really wanted to be fair and impartial they would discuss Ayn Rand and credit her for her insight into "collectivism" and discuss the outcome if you follow it through as she did in her book Atlas Shrugged.

I guess it has just been brought to my attention so much lately what a racket our whole education system is. You want to learn how to do something, and then go out into the world and do it. But to get that degree you also have to be indoctrinated into the socialist agenda by taking all these stupid classes that really do not have anything to do with your ability to work in your field. But seeing as many companies won't even consider you for the job if you don't have a degree, you have no choice but to take the stupid classes.

And then they kill two birds with one stone; they get you in piles of debt to get a degree, thus making sure you are a full-fledged slave to the system as soon as possible.

Well, I do definitely agree with the writer of the text about one thing. If enough of us join together, we can change our society. And politics is important, if you mean the form of government that we have. I say let's get back to basics. Let's get back to the Constitution, freedom, and a government that protects my inalienable rights, not one that has made us all into slaves.


Anonymous said...

I love Ayn Rand. Truly the most prophetic and brilliant philosophical mind of the 20th, 21st, and future centuries. Her works should be required reading in all schools. Anyone that .gov hates as much as her should read and relished if you cherish your freedoms.

Northwoods said...

Excellent post HUP.
We need to get everyone on the same page of a text book called Liberty!
I fear the only "Degree's" we'll be concerned with in the near future is that temperature under the pot we're all in!

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