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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am in the process of moving and it has not been easy. I was unaware of just how much stuff I had gathered. Holy cow! And we are renting until we find our new place so we are looking at moving this again. Holy steer! I promised my dh I would go through and donate/sell the non essentials. Kept toys for the grandkids, but the kids didn't have any for me yet, so why did I keep the toys etc. Guess I am a pack rat by nature and now a prepper and holy bull! I have tooooo much cow droppings.
And then there is the fun of getting phone service, etc. Cell reception is poor there or I would not even bother, and no cable so no high speed Internet. The property is on the line between phone servers and we have spent hours on the phone getting them to set us up for service. I wonder if it would be easier to have satellite phone?
My dh can't take off work this week because they decided he had to attend some training for a new system. so yours truly is about to drop. But by the grace of God I am just putting one foot in front of the other, (arms full of chit) and trusting that some how we will get this place emptied and somewhat cleaned before the buyer's walk thru.
I sure can see the logic in not planning to retreat at the last minute.... There is enough stress with moving when you are not face teotwawki.

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