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Friday, October 23, 2009

Freedom, Frogs and Goons and I feel the preach coming on...

My friend Mayberry has a good rant on his blog http://mayberry-keepitsimplestupid.blogspot.com/ It is from yesterday, titled "Equal Opportunity Offender" and a good read, altho he does like to use "colorful" language. I for one appreciate his switch to a few well placed # and * though! I can understand the sentiment behind the word choices...pure frustration and burning anger. Many of us are there also.

I think it would be a good thing for many of our troops and law enforcement officers to be introduced to Oathkeepers as well. See http://oathkeepers.org/oath/ and check out the 10 orders they will not obey. Then maybe you could print some out and hand out to those you know in those occupations. You might get some good, stimulating conversations going.

We must get this through our heads: there are more of us than there are of them. We have just needed to have the sheeple wake up ... and now they are. Our numbers are increasing every day as more sheeple wake up. And I think the NWOgoons are scared because they are waking up and the goons know that is not good for them. I say PRAISE GOD!

So as I see it, we are in a precarius state. The plan to disarm us, to bring down the US of A, to implement a new currency, i.e. Euro like, has had to be changed. They don't dare waste any precious time. They have had to move up their timeline so that they can still accomplish their goal of total dominance. Because with every day that passes, more people are standing up and looking around and asking where their freedoms went. More people are buying guns and ammo. More people are stock piling food. More people are forming supportive groups. More people are realizing that they were duped by obamanation.

But with their speeding up of the timeline, it becomes even more apparent what they are doing. The water is heating up a little too fast and even more frogs are jumping out of the water. So the race is on. Who will win, the goons or us?

I know that I don't have much personally in common with some who seek freedom, but if you aint a goon, and you are against the goons, then you are on my side and I am on yours.

We have some good discussions going on here in our old Ron Paul group about whether we should all join the GOP as their numbers are down significantly and we could really make some changes. Sounds good to me; I say fight on every front. There are others who say it won't matter if the goons are controlling the voting machines; that surely makes sense. So if that seems the top priority to you, fight on that front. Meself thinks one of the most important fights is for real money, hard silver and gold that don't loose value so you are rewarded for being frugal and saving. Real property exchanges that can't be taxed into oblivion. And my other beef is the property tax. If you can't own property free and clear, you are not free, period, end of story.

There are other ways to fight and some are not pretty, fight still. Some ways to fight use deception, fight on. Some who fight are in the front lines and everyone knows their name, others are hidden behind enemy lines causing the enemies' plans to go haywire. But all are fighting.

Just know what it is you are fighting for...freedom. Freedom is self evident. It is your God-given right, not the .gov's proclamation.

This present government does not have my consent any longer.

ie our Constitution states: governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and it states: whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Well I aint happy, are you?

I don't feel too safe either, do you?

Guess it's time for a new government.

So what front are you going to fight on? There are many to choose from, but the important thing is that you know who is with you and that you fight.

And that is what the goons are most afraid of ~ that we realize this is war, and we fight.



Northwoods said...

Nobody says it quite like Mayberry. Sometimes I think he's the brother I've yet to meet (takes words right out of my mouth)!
Were you and I may differ though is about the GOP. I'd been a long time party member until I realized that they were also puppets of the NWO (Bush Patriot Act).
They are both one in the same..two heads of the same snake!
It's long past time that the "snake" get's "Beheaded"!

Help U Prep said...

I hear ya, Northwoods. Totally agree that they are both the same. But the goal is to use the structure, not become one of them. Kinda like Dr. Paul used the GOP to be heard when he ran for the office of the president...it gave him a platform he would not have had with a 3rd party and when he spoke, many including myself heard, and started looking into these things to see if they were true. (Actually I heard him before he ran for prez, but he was in the GOP at the time) If we go that route, we will not support the goons, but get our own people in, majority rules don't ya know, and that would be possible, to have the majority quickly with their numbers down so much.. Anyway it has yet to be decided. I am thinking it may be the quickest way to get some good people a platform from which to speak.
And I really appreciate Mayberry, like you said, he says what we think but might not be able to put into words. God Bless him.

Northwoods said...

They are all back stabbing,treasonist SOB's and I have no dought there is a special place in hell for them!
They don't even read a "Bill" before they sign it (on our behalf) much less ever read the Constition they swore an oath to!
Maybe the NWO has threatened them and their family's?
These Assholes best wake up to 315 million "Hitmen"! CUZ "WE THE PEOPLE" HAVE HAD IT!!!!!

Help U Prep said...

Interesting point Northwoods, I have heard that they and their families have been threatened and that is one reason I refused to look into running for state office when I was approached.
My group is talking about what we can do on the very local and state level, making a small diference first. If there is a big hole to fill on the national level it would be nice to have some real constitutionalists to call upon to fill the gap, no matter what "party" they are from. I think it would be harder for the goons to control people on the local level of politics, especially if there are a large number of us to protect and stand up for each other.
But, yeah, many are dang mad and it is about time. But we need to find ways to "hang together" to work together for common goals, rather than separtely.

Did it MY way said...

Start with the local levels. Then continue to move up. We still need to try the civil vote thing first. They know we have the guns, & ammo to do the second. I hope and pray I never have to shoot another American....But I intend to die a FREE man.

God Bless

See ya

Help U Prep said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Did it My way.
I don't plan of ever having to shoot anyone, and I sure pray you don't have to either.
But if you intend to die a free man, then we need to get to work because I don't think any of us are free now!

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