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Saturday, October 17, 2009

H1N1oink oink

So dd was told their her malady was the swine flu because she tested positive for type A flu and so can assume it is the H1N1 virus because the regular flu has not hit yet. Same thing I was told when I had my son (and me too) in to the doc this summer. "Any flu this time of year is the swine flu." It costs well over $200 to test for the swine flu and most doctor's offices are not sending the tests in. So you don't have specific proof you had it, so I am sure the PTB will still push for you to take the vaccine. How convenient. Also, the numbers can be manipulated as seen fit. Are they using all Type A positives to add to the swine numbers, or are they keeping them out? Also, there was not a fever a the beginning with this bout of flu, which is uncommon. And when a fever did show up, it was low. My dh had been sick with the same crap not too long before dd. He kept working etc. as he always does when sick, and I am sure this is also what is going through the staff of my local hospital. If you have the flu or flu like symptoms, you must be off for at least 7 days, more if symptoms have not subsided. Many people are not going to set themselves up to be off work for that long as they cannot afford it, so they don't report symptoms or go to doc. Most people are not going to their doctor's offices to get swabbed and most are not being conscientious about their spewing germs about. So this stuff is really going around right now here in our state. Side note: got an email saying someone in my area had been confimed as having swine, so we should clean our keyboards and phones each day with alchohol. --- That is not going to stop a air-born infection.
Dear daughter also did not get that bad of a cough, but she was taking a homeopathic remedy and vit D3. She is also doing some other health promoting things. Still she felt like she had been hit by a truck for a couple days and just yucky sick with sore throat, runny then stuffy nose etc.
We will see what happens when they offer her the shot or should I say "snort" at work. Yup, the first batches of flu poisen comes in the form of an inhalant. If you are young and relatively healthy, you must take the snort, not the shot. I wonder what data they are gathering there?
So now I figure that most of my immediate family have had the dreaded flu and have some immunity to it for which I am grateful.
If you don't have any vit D3 on hand, reaserch its effects on the influenza virus and then go stock up so you have it if needed.
Here to your health,

1 comment:

Northwoods said...

Sorry to hear of the family's illness but for sure they'll put you in the stats for H1N1.
They just gotta sell that vaccine (poison) the fed gov just spent billions on and no one knows just what the hell's in it!
Call me tin foil hat but what I'm hearing in the blogs is the inhalant contains a "live" virus and not a dead one as used in the injection. Would that then not SPREAD the virus?
Something to make you go...humm!!!

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