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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shame on Me!

I had made a recent post entitled " Back door to Tyranny".
It was up for a short time before my wife read it and ask me to delete it.
Basically it was about Obammy pushing a Senate ratification of an international treaty requiring U.S. citizens to register their firearms (registration is the first step to confiscation...that's just history 101).
The wife's argument had some merit though, (I hate it when that happens) in that my past posts have seen some fed gov.com traffic to this site and "why draw attention to ourselves"?
If I make a comment that may cause the sheeple to fall out of step toward their push to the pen it seems some alarms go off!
I've been informed by other blogger's that "Big Brother" locks in on key words that might upset the bureaucrat's bosses. God forbid I should piss them off!
Anyway I made a deal with the wife, if the government wants to keep trashing our constitution and our bill of rights there is simply no sense in being silent. It's liberty or death...PERIOD!
She understands if they come to our door to enforce an unconstitutional law the "tree of liberty" will be feed on both sides.
Shame on me for holding my tong as there is far too much at stake to be silent!
In regard to fed gov.com key words....let's see if we can get a hit from the Health Dept.....WASHINGTON needs a fk'n ENEMA!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you refrain from posting whatever it is you wanted to post, they've won a battle. They've suppressed your freedom of speech and made you fearful of them, which is their goal, after all. I say, post away and let the chips fall where they will.

Anonymous said...

Silence is compliance.

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