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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There is an Oder to freedom

Tonight as I was watering the seedling cups of several vegtables we've started for the garden the aroma of rich soil filled the air.

That aroma and the site of the sprouts bent toward the days sunlight through the window could only instill some hope in me.

No, I'm not getting mushy here but to see the birth of these little seedlings knowing they will become food for my family does raise the spirt. It takes away from the gloom and doom of what appears to be ahead.

When TSHTF a big part of preperations is a person's mental state. You can have a warehouse full of "beans, bullets and band aids" but finding some of life's simple pleasures are just as important...and maybe more so!

Right now...I'm gonna hit "publish post" and go inhale those seedlings!

Freedom does have an Oder and the aroma is priceless!



Kymber said...

What a nice inspiring post! I feel exactly the same way about my seedlings too! I have some pics of my seedlings up over at the Nova Scotia Preppers Network if you are interested...
but with all the doom and gloom of this horrible Swine Flu filling the network - this post was like a breath of fresh air...fresh soil-filled air!
Thanks for this Northwoods!

Northwoods said...

Thanks Kymber,
They say life's simple pleasures are the best. Watching your future food grow before your eyes is certainly one of those.
I enjoyed viewing your site and keep on posting!

Kymber said...

Thanks again Northwoods...life's simple pleasures are the best...and watching your food growing and tending to it as you would your own children is a reward in itself...i had to come back for your inspirational words!

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