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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Possibly a date for when the SHTF?

Maybe not but there's enough cause for concern that I'm marking my calender!
FEMA has announced an "exercise" involving four other country's (including troops). They claim it's a mock drill should there be multiple terrorist attacks on the US. This is to take place between July 27 Th and the 31 st.
This is to be conducted in the SW region (only) but it's currently "In the planing stages"...bla...bla...bla...
Not surprisingly, the main stream media has not yet reported on this and they wont until they are told/ordered to. At which time they will tell the sheeple "It's in defence of the red white and blue"...."It's for your own good and that of ....sniff....the Children, Please cooperate with these brave foreign troops who have left their families in order to keep you (and the..sniff.. children) safe"!
So much for the media's Bullshit now let's look at some hard facts.
I'm not making the following up people. You ask yourselves the questions.
Building up to this so called "exercise" what has the fed gov been doing lately and WHY?
The urgent completion of GPS coordinates of every front door in America before July 1 st......WHY?
Truckers across the country reporting unusual deliveries to closed military bases, commodities of canned and freeze dried foods, T shirts, boots and many unknown items delivered to "closed" military bases? Bases that have barbed wire fences facing inward.......WHY?
Reports (from many sources) of hundreds of newly manufactured "car carrier" type rail cars when our automobile industry's are bankrupt.....WHY?
Some scary key words in FEMA's subtle announcement are "In the planing stage"! Watch very closely that they don't "plan" this right into Canada and your own back yard!
There just seems to be a hole lot of fed gov activity going on in a very short period of time....WHY?
Is July 27th our dead line for when the SHTF?.... I don't know.
As the economy goes, the timing makes sense for that last shoe to drop...doesn't it?
There just seems to be too much fed gov activity going on way too fast.
Ask yourself....WHY?


David said...

Can you quote some sources for your information?

Northwoods said...

Hi David,

Here are some links per topic you can start with and I'll post (on this comment line) some more tomorrow.



The following youtube link is from 2006 but alot has been done since then to this and many such facilities around the country.


As always, I encourage you to do your own research.


Northwoods said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Northwoods said...

Here is a fresh link on the subject posted June 8TH.

Alot of comments after the article that reflect my very concerns.



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