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Monday, May 25, 2009

The prepper's community loses an icon

Big John Lipscomb, perhaps best known for his radio show "Don't tread on me" has decided to retire from both his show and blogging.
His reasoning is that time is drawing short for the pending collapse. It's time for final prep's and family.
My initial contact with him was in seeking true heirloom seeds for the garden, ie....plants who's seeds you can keep for future planting and not some genetically modified crap.
He will keep his seed business going for now though and I'd encourage you to get some while you still can. I found his package to be the best value around but you can do your own research. Hybrid seeds like you get a wally world are a one planting deal. The seeds from these plants are sterile thanks to Monsanto.
His web site is http://www.survivalistseeds.com/
He's just a good ole boy/patriot and I for one will miss his insight.

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