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Saturday, May 30, 2009

More people are waking up

People are waking up and starting to prepare.


Also, there are more and more articles in the news about the coming hyperinflation. Many are saying we have a year or more and I hope that is true as I have a lot more to do.

It's time to take back our freedoms and the first thing that entails is becoming responsible, self-relieant and self-educated. It is in the scriptures and it is part of life that we are to reap what we sow. So I encourage you today to start to sow good seed into your life and the lives of your children. Learn how to do things, not just hire them out. Get a do-it-yourself manuel and do it yourself!
Above all keep a good attitude and get your kids involved. If you make it fun, they will love it and be ahead of the game when they reach adulthood. And right now, if you really mess it up, you can still call in the calvary... your local handyman. In a few short months or years you may not have that option. You also have the added bonus of teaching your kids that if you don't know how to do something, you can find resources and learn how. Kinda like- all things are possible. So many now of days have the attitude of "it can't be done" just because they have never seen it done, have no imagination, or are lazy.
I think the day is coming when you will not be able to file for unemployement or disability checks because there just won't be anything left...if you don't work, you won't eat. Take advantage of what we have available now to prepare for the future.
Keep on preppin'


Anonymous said...

More people are waking up. Hopefully this will encourage people to prepare and store food. Great post.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Help U Prep said...

Thanks for the nice comment matthaiasj. I feel more urgency every day. And I really want to uncourage people who have little in the way of fundage. Those who can do things will be the rich in the coming days.

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