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Thursday, April 22, 2010

So just who can you trust?

Recently there have been discussions about Glen Beck and whether or not he is really for all the things that liberty lovers are for and I do not trust the man. I saw how he attacked Debra Medina (running for Texas governor) and I realized he is not a true lover of liberty. He ratings dropped significantly after the Medina interview, and I bet many realized he is just another front man used to manipulate the sleeple and those on the verge of awakening. Now he is saying maybe Ron Paul was right... sorry, but I don't buy it. But what better way to get some more viewers back?

I also saw video of Alex Jones and how he treated some real liberty lovers at a rally they had organized. He treated them as beneath him and not worthy of common decency. He is very suspect in my opinion.

Now I have run across this article, and altho I don't agree with it 100%, (the author seems to embrace Beck and Palin) I think we should all be as informed as possible so I want to make it available. Here it is: http://www.michnews.com/Tom_DeWeese/td042110.shtml

In summary, don't just assume someone who is throwing a few buzz words out there is a real liberty lover. Do some research. Reflect on what they say and what they do and the timing of what they do. Ask yourself what is the fruit of what they do. Is it really in tune with those of us who want to regain our liberty? Or is it an attempt to get us labeled and discredited?

Be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove,

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Spot on brother, I have about 6-8 posts on this very subject. Great work, don't let the devil mess with your head, keep up the great work!!!

Northwoods said...

As the Bible says "Beware of false prophets"! I believe Beck is one (far too many flip flops)!
As for Jones. I think he speaks the truth but..if he'd lose his arrogance he might just gain more credibility.
As always..trust your own gut feelings. Seperate the lies from common sense as sensable people can do.
The people with their eyes open don't need a Prophet..it's all there in black and white!

Help U Prep said...

thank you BashingWilliam.
Norhwoods, as you say people can't see without their eyes opened. We need to keep working to get them to open their eyes, and it can be some frustrating work with the time growing so short.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Yeah, from the beginning I didn't trust Beck. When he bashed RP, I though, "No way! You don't love freedom if you don't support him!". I think that's proven to be true. Interesting that you now say he's changing his opinion of RP. Beck blows in the wind, I think!

The article was interesting. I will say, that on the day of 9/11 I told hubby that I thought there was something/someone else behind it. Staring at the tv, I just didn't believe it happened they way 'they' were letting us see it happen! Dont have any other answers, just lots of questions. But, I had that opinion before I ever read--about-- 2 years ago that there were others who thought like me. Interesting that the article puts 'freedom-stealers' in that group.

I think the answer is that we all need to learn to THINK! We don't do that anymore in this country. We take what's fed to us on a spoon and open up for more, never stopping to judge the truth. Good post, HUP

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