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Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15

As we all know it is time to settle up with the STATE. Here's hoping they owe you and you don't owe them!
Across the country there will be many protests today and I thank God that the sleeple are waking up.
I was at the bar again last night. Meeting in a back room. It wasn't well lit and there weren't too many there, but the sparks of liberty are still glowing. There is yet hope. Among heated discussions and opposing views, the goal of less goverenmentnot more was held by almost all present.
We prepare now, but after the excrement hits the osculater, there will be the questions of HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? And we need to be able to give real, true answers. First to our own hearts and then to others. Because that will be our last chance to again be truly free - by setting up the ruins of this land to stand again upon the Constitution. If we don't have answers, we will get a totalitarian regime the likes of which we have not seen anywhere. With the technology the ptb have at their disposal, well, you can just image what living as total slaves would be and there you have it.
But, we are not there yet and we need to do all we can to educate. But the first and most important is to understand the whys behind the events. Because if you do not have that, you do not have a foundation and you will crumble when the going get rough.
Enjoyig tea today,

1 comment:

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I have to say that you meetings in the back room of the bar sound so exciting! (Of course, I'm picturing the original patriots meeting to discuss King George!) What fun!!! :)

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