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Saturday, April 10, 2010

To blog or not to blog.....

Are there any preppers out there in Wisconsin? I admit I have neglected to blog for some time, but it seems that there are not readers, and without readers, the inspiration to blog leaves me. Or is it that I have so many other things that vie for my time and attention? I know not blogging for some time is not the way to "build a blog." I know that many times people read a blog but don't post a reply. But I also know that my time is my life and if spending it (time, my life) blogging, is not helping anyone out there, then why blog?
So if there is anyone in Wisconsin who would like to contribute your thoughts as a blogger, please contact me at helpuprep@gmail.com.
If there is anyone one who would like me to continue blogging, please let me know. I need some inspiration.
Preppin still,


APN said...

the APN main page gets about 600 hits a day. Only about half a percent leave a comment. Our network as a whole gets about 5000 hits a day about 30% - 40% of those are returning visitors and regular readers, that is still quite a bit. Most people just don't comment for whatever reason, but the fact that they keep coming back shows that they are getting benefit from what we are writing. The comment feature is a double edged sword. Don't let lack of comments discourage you. Also, a good way to build interaction is to get involved in the forum. Granted, the Wisconsin forum hasn't had any traffic but the way to get traffic is to continually remind people to visit the forum and introduce themselves. The direct link to the Wisconsin section is: www.WisconsinPreppersNetwork.net

But yes, not posting for a while will cause your blog to die out and people forget about it, then you have to build it back up from scratch. So if you find yourself caught with writers block, then go to the forum at www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net and feel free to copy any good content on there that you see and repost on the blog along with a link to the forum to invite people to the forum. It only takes about 5 mins to find a good post and repost it. You can get an idea what I did here:


cheryl sisk said...

i do read even if i do not comment but more new wood be helpful even if it was to a another website with some helpful new, at sarah@preparednesspro.com wrote: hard cord financial preparedness, in 4 parts.very good. if anyone living in s. e. wisconsin would like to know there is a church in delavan call harvestpoint 209 s 4th st 262 740 0920 pastor gary sisk he belives in preppin and does what we call end times update looking to the word of god and current events. monthly next one may 6 @6:30 i think this is a good way for preppers to meet and help each other in the are that we live in . get those veg. gradens going c.sisk

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I'm here, HUP!!!! I've been missing you! I think you have great posts and I always check in to see if you've posted! Hang in there, even if it's a short post, your readers are out there waiting!!

Help U Prep said...

Thanks APN. Those are good ideas.
Cheryl: Thanks for replying! And I will look up the church.

Northwoods said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Help U Prep said...

Thank you! You are a dear! Always so supportive. I so appreciate your encouragement.

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