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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Would love to tell the goons to go to hell....

I am so not happy with being legislated into more and more slavery. Dear God, how long before people wake up and smell the chains that bind us? And sooooo very much of it is done in the name of “SAFETY” usually “public safely.” It is usually just an excuse to control people. Why should only those who have gone to school for x be allowed to do x? What if someone can do x naturally and well? Perhaps they can even pass the x test, to prove competency and alleviate the goons outcry, but no, they must go the x approved school and usually this entails getting into great debt and giving up years of their life.

It is all about control; the goons want to control you! With your blessing. And we give it to them!

How many of our kids start out in life with the best years given to being indoctrinated into just what the goons want us to think of the way the world works, and the way we should spend our lives? Just because the kids want a certain type of career? They can't just go learn about how to do something or how to fix a thing, no they must get a degree that demands they are indoctrinated with the latest BS, ie “general education.” They can't apprentice with a master in the field. They must pay to play and pay dearly. Once they are in debt, they must “play by the rules” so that they can pay the debt. Perhaps take a qualifying test and pay for licenses that renew regularly and require more money to be paid and then perhaps so much yearly education for more money to be paid and hopefully for the goons, more debt...

Less and less choices on how to spend your time and more and more power for the goons.

And heaven forbid if you are a square peg. Gotta fit into the round hole in order to do what you like or are good at doing. Cause all those square pegs are hard to control, you see, they are creative, or naturally talented and we can't have anyone who can think for themselves or who don't need the goons to tell them what truth is. So it is best not to let the square pegs have any chance at all, unless they agree to submit to tests and labels and further and better indoctrination in order to be make them think there is something really, really wrong with them, to make them so self-conscious that they won't bring any common sense or inventions forth that the goons don't control.

And they have almost all of unable to do the things that we would need to just survive without them. Like grow food and provide for ourselves. If they cut off the power juice, we are at their mercy...or at least enough of us are - to the point society would come crashing down with death and destruction on every side.

And don't think they won't do it. They couldn't care less about you, especially on an individually level. Why do you think the Personnel Department is now called Human Resources?

So what would it look like if those of us who see the goons for what they are just went Galt? Without a gulch to go to, what would it look like?

Itching to get out of the system,
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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Personnel department is now Human Resources! Never thought of that before! Very interesting!

Your whole post is correct! I'm so glad that I was able to homeschool my kids. I didn't push college, either, because I knew that I didn't want the 'teaching' that colleges give. Even Christian colleges spit out some pretty liberal-minded kids these days. I don't need to spend thousands of dollars for that kind of indoctrination!

The 'you need a degree to do this' also spills over to 'you need a permit to do this'. We can do almost nothing these days without asking someone!

Help U Prep said...

Gen, Yep, we have to ask and we has to pay. It's all part of being a slave.
Glad you see this, I hope others start to.

Did it MY way said...

Wage slaves one and all. Get out of debt, sell everything you own, pay cash for a small piece of ground,and stop feeding the beast. You would be surprised how little you really need, and how much freedom you can enjoy. Today I'm setting on the bank with a fishing rod.

God Bless

See Ya

Help U Prep said...

Did it my way,
I hear ya! If I didn't have family to consider, it would be easier, but I must admit, your advice is looking better by the day.

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