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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're all here to share experience

My concept of the American Prepper's Network is to share knowledge among like minded people who are concerned for the future of our country, our world as we know it and the well being of our family's as things could, can or will decline.

Each state has it's own unique diversities as to it's politics, climate, natural resources and general character of it's populace. Hench the point of intrastate blogs (how can we as neighbors help one another)?

On a national scale we are all on a runaway train with 51 cars. There is one for each state and one for the District of Columbia (owned by wall street and the NWO).....guess which car is the only one with the air bags? (No guys, the cheese head hats ain't gonna stop "this" impact)!

Here we are headed over the cliff in the train car called Wisconsin. We can either put are heads firmly between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye... or we can make our own air bags.

Personally I've found rural Wisconsinites to be a pretty self reliant bunch. Those in our major city's to be government reliant. This would explain our current liberal government (vote for me and I'll give you "free stuff")!.....but I digress....

The purpose of the prepper blogs is to exchange information, for those of us with more experience to help those newly awakened.

As I have lived a self reliant life stile for over 25 years I could write a book on many related subjects. I'd probably title it "Learn from my mistakes"!

We have gone from kerosene lamps and a chemical toilet to an all the bells and whistles stand alone solar electric home.

My dilemma in helping people prep is "who are the readers"? To what stage of preparation are they? Do they at least have their "Beans, Bullets and Band aids"? I don't wish to bore the more prepared with what we may consider basics, nor do I wish to get too technical on a subject.

So help us out people....we'd love to share with you our experiences on the road to independence but you need to pick the subject.

If I don't know then I'll research it and put up some links. If I do know, ya might just get more info than ya wanted!

Please leave a comment on how we can help you prep. It's what the prepper blogs are all about!


1 comment:

Help U Prep said...

Hey there Northwoods. Good to have you on board! Great posts too. Feel free to post away as I just cannot give this the time it deserves and that I wish I could give. And if there are any others interested in contributing, just let us know.

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