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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Food shortage is comming

I know I'm not alone as I walk though the grocery isles in disbelief at the price increases from week to week ( yes.. I do the shopping as the wife is wheel chair stricken with MS ).

You Lady's may use this post as a defence when your husband asks were you're stashing the caviar you must have bought. (Yesterday's caviar price is today's tuna price)!

A severe food shortage is on the horizon. There are many reasons for this and some are natural. Droughts and floods have recently ruined farm fields around the globe but what disturbs me most....why Obammy has nothing in the stimulus for our farmers?

Many farmers here in the US cannot plant this spring for lack of loans for fertilizer and seed. It seems Obammy's stimulus plan did not include a single penny for the farm industry. Equally disturbing is how the commodity market prices are down yet the retail prices of those same commodities are up!.....hum?

I have an extremely obedient dog. He eagerly obeys my every command and I've never wondered why......it is......because I'm the one who feeds him!!

Controlling sustenance is total control!

If you have started storing food then good for you. If you haven't then start now (though you're probably too late)! When you think you have enough you're only half way there. Plant a garden, learn to hunt and gather.

When Obammy and company approach you with a bone and say "Roll over and be dead" you can then growl and show them your incisors....



Help U Prep said...

You are right on Northwoods. And I would also advise people to stock up in case you cannot get to the store because of a flu epidemic. It's just good sense to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I am in the Central sands and I do see the potato farmers out planting. Heartland Farms is close to me and they seem really really busy. But I don't see so many corn farmers out preping fields.

American Prepper said...

Great Post Northwoods, Sorry I hadn't had a chance to stop in sooner...Welcome aboard!

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