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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life is an adventure

Hello all,
Been awhile since I posted and thought I had better let y'all know I am still alive...and have less than two weeks to find a place to live or it's under the bridge for me, dh and kids....not really, I have a friend who has offered us a place, she has some empty rooms (via empty nest), but time is growing short. We are to close on our house (thank you Lord we sold it) very soon and have yet to find a new place to purchase or a place to rent. Not too many want to rent to you month to month. We do not want to sign a lease of course. The advantage of renting is that we will be able to purchase a foreclosure, the disadvantage is moving twice. But first we have to find a rental, and soon! I called about places today, but found most people are taking the nice day off, or so it seems.
We also took a couple days to go out of state to visit relatives recently, and dh got food poisoning.... I keep telling him to wash his hands before eating, but does he listen? Then I kept telling him he should take the keifer whey, but did he listen? When he got so weak he could hardly do anything I did take him to the doctor's office. They proclaimed he needed IV fluids as I had surmised and they said they would just keep filling him up until he could urinate....after the second liter and still no urge, they sent us home (as they all wanted to go home, we were the only ones there for at least an hour) with the understanding that we could call if needed or come in for more IV fluid in the am along with stool samples. The next day he agreed to go to my naturapathic friend who tested him on the biofeedback type apparatus and declared he had ecoli and recommended a homeopathic drop and some food enzymes which he took, along with some kefier whey mixed into yogurt and started feeling better. But it has taken some time. And he hasn't done the kefier whey consistently... And he needs to. It is amazing stuff. Studies say it kills salmonella etc.
I really like to have Kiefer whey, colloidal silver, oregano oil on hand. I really think if he would have taken the Keifer whey right away with the first symptoms, he could have avoided a lot of trouble, but he didn't like the taste. Take a bit on a spoon, stick it down the back of your tongue, dump it and swallow says I. Oh no, no thanks says he. Ok, says I, suffer. And he did. I hope next time he listens.
Hoping you all stay healthy,


Secular Survival / Kriya said...

We're having a time selling our house... closing pushed because buyer's money wasn't in order, so we're paying for old place AND new place. Argh.

Sorry about the food poisoning. I keep on my hubby about washing his hands too. I completely understand.

Vikki at http://kriyacreate.blogspot.com/2009/09/creating-intentional-community-in.html

Help U Prep said...

Thanks Vikki or is it Kriya? I am confused, but that doesn't take much these days!
I hope your house sells soon. Double payments are not my idea of fun either!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on finding a place. I hope everything works out for you guys.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Help U Prep said...

Thanks Matthiasj, we have found one possibility, but there is one huge drawback so I am still praying for something else but time is running out.

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