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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So little time when you're always busy

Sometimes it seems that life is so complicated and goes so fast there is not even enough time to breath. I am not able to sleep as once I was woken up, I cannot get back to sleep with all that is going on.
I have been wanting to post about being prepared to treat burns. I was visiting relatives and did not take the usual things with me because my dh was in a hurry to leave and we were not supposed to be gone very long so I didn't take the time I needed to gather everything. Dh says I take everything but the kitchen sink when we leave town... Now I see that I need a second travel pack of essential items ready to go. (I just got a new car and in mix of no time and switch out the cars my car pack went AWOL.) Anyway, I dropped my curling iron on my cheek and it was not pleasant. No burn cream, no Unkers, no coconut oil, no nothing. So off I go to the health food store looking for some burn salve and they have nothing! Meanwhile I am spraying iwater on it every 30 seconds or so, but the iwater is about 30 days old and not as effective as it should be, so I am hurting. The sales people suggest vit E oil... I know from experience that does not help with the pain of a new burn, so I grab some lavender essential oil, open and apply before I even pay for it, go pay for it and then go and get coconut oil, and calendula cream that is homeopathic...they have no calendula essential oil. The lavendar oil gets into my eye and that is not pleasant, but the burning sensation is beginning to subside. PTL! I later apply more lavender, then coconut, then the homeopathic and repeat every so often as the pain began to return. When the pain stopped returing, I started putting raw honey on it at night. I am happy to say the blister went down with the first application of the lavender oil and the top layer of skin peeled off a couple days later and you cannot even tell I had gotten a bad burn. I had a friend who was burned a few weeks before and only applied calendula oil and ended up with darkened skin from the episode. I usually use an herbal burn salve that has hemp and lavender and a few other things or Unkers, the original Unkers. I had forgotten how bad and how unrelenting the pain of a burn was.
If anyone would like to share what has worked for them where burns are concerned I would be happy to add that to my arsenal also.
Of course the best treatment is prevention, be more careful and less rushed says I to myself.


M.D. Creekmore said...

Good post and interesting points - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the burn tips. Natural remedies always work better than modern medicines.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Kymber said...

oh - so sorry to hear about this HUP!!! burns like that from a curling iron are the worst!

although this probably wouldn't have helped you in the situation you were in - however, once, while at a friend's house, i burned my arm with the clothes iron - it was awful. of course this friend didn't even have bandaids in the house so as i was running the burn under water, i noticed she had an aloe vera plant. i ripped off one of the tips and oozed the gel from the plant on my burn. it was instant relief. i then wrapped paper towel around the aloe vera and burn and was fine!

Help U Prep said...

Thanks for the encouragement MD and I think you are right, MJ, natural work better and I also think that different naturals work for different people. Kymber, I knew about aloe vera and I have tried it, but it does not seem to work for me, and my fav burn salve does not work for my daughter. I am glad you found one that works for you. And an aloe plant is something you can grow and always have handy, a real blessing in these times.

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