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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stress and breathing

I asked a couple of co-workers if they remembered when I told them to get out of the stock market and they said yes, and they wished they would have listened to me. Next pass through their area I told them I had some more good advice if they wanted to hear it and they were very happy to listen. I told them to plant a big garden and not look for veggies to be coming out of California because of the draught etc. At least one of took me seriously.

I so hope this slide into oblivion slows down a bit. There is just too much on my to-do list I need to address before the SHTF. And coming down with another sinus infection has not helped. I gave in and went and got an antibiotic…ugh. I know it would be so much better to boost my immune system and fight this naturally, but right now I am going at full speed and feel the pressure. Doc gave me a huge dose too, looks like the infection is pretty bad this time. All the more reason to get the immune system up to speed. The stress of what is coming will be a real immune tester. As soon as I can quit my day job, I know the stress if be lessened, or at the least different, and much more tolerable. The really cool thing is that I have people calling me to set up appointments and I have not even officially opened my practice yet…I am thinking it is the good Lord encouraging me.

So for today, I will do what I can with what I have and try to remember to breathe..deeply as often as I can to reduce the stress and get some O2 in me. Did you know deep belly breathing has been shown to help people with anxiety? That getting enough O2 helps with pain? (I used the Bradley Method of birthing and was amazed at how well it worked.) Did you know that a few deep breaths can be like a mini-vacation and re-center you? It is amazing what having enough oxygen in your system will help you with. It is a shame that it is so controlled and you can’t just go buy a tank to keep on hand and learn when you need a little help and use it responsibly….another liberty lost. You can’t decide when you need something, you have to have the anointed tell you what you need and when you need it and how much of it you need.

And that is also another good reason to get enough activity in your life; exercise increases your ability to take in O2 and utilize it. Just a good brisk walk is helpful and it does not have to be a long one. Again, it is doing what you can, when you can, as often as you can. Every little bit of exercise helps. Can you tell I am preaching to myself today?



Anonymous said...

take a break,,,,you're no good burnt out...every so often make some time for you,no worries,,,,

Kymber said...

Keep preaching to yourself HUP - you are doing an excellent job! and helping the rest of us do the same in the process!

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