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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are we prepping for?

I went out of town and had hardly a moment to spare all the while I was gone. Vehicle started giving me trouble before I was even two hours from home. I am not one to keep up on my vehicles because I always deferred to the men folk to do that... To a make a long story short, I did make it to my destination many hours over due, and then on the way out of town to home, another problem presented itself and it was back to my brother's garage to have him put it on the computer and be told...can of worms, sell it. Ugh. I did make it back home after another long trip, this time it was due to leaving when I would hit chi town and milwaukee at bad times. You sure do learn a lot about the fact that the buck stops right here (with yourself) when it comes to what you can be and should be responsible for. I need to be more responsible when it comes to the vehicle that I personally drive. And I need to learn to do some of the things I have always passed off onto the menfolk. UGH. But that is life and that is what we are prepping for..to live our own life. Now I am searching for a new car to drive and weighing my options. I don't like having too many choices as I drive myself nuts trying to figure every angle, but that is where I am at right now. One part of me says BOV and one part says get something that is a flex fuel good gas milage and another part wants a pickem up truck.
Also I am flying out west to take a class that I need for my new career, so I will be away from the blog again the end of this next week. I have appealed to several to help with this blog, but so far I have no takers. Now I know there are people reading this who have great ideas that they could share, however, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, etc. So anybody who is interested, please email me. It's not that hard, really. It just takes some time, and believe me I know that is not easy to come by for most of us. Or send me your post and the I will review and post it for you. How easy is that?


Anonymous said...

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erniesjourney said...

I, too, need to learn some more mechanical crap - but I don't wanna!! Isn't cooking enough?? LOL!

Help U Prep said...

Oh, free books! I love it.
Ernie, I love learning, usually, but mechanical stuff...yuch.

Humble wife said...

I look forward to reading more post with prepping from you:)!!

Help U Prep said...

thanks Humble wife...as time permits I will be here with more.

Anonymous said...

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