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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The price of insanity

The result of our society's insanity is broken lives and not enough prisons. We don't want to see that though. We don't want to admit that our society, the one that is still supposed to be the best one in the world, is only a memory of an idea of liberty. We still believe the promise that if we work hard, we will reap a reward. Well, maybe that is true, IF you do it the way the goons have devised. IF we are the round peg and can fit into their round holes.

But what if you are a triangle peg, or a square peg, or a rectangular peg? It just aint gonna work. You can reeducate and retrain that un-round peg all you want, they are not gonna fit! If you are a triangle, you are not SUPPOSED to fit into that round hole! But society says that if you don't, you can't be a “successful” member and you must be dealt with and by golly if we don't have a law yet, we'll write one up quick to keep all the round pegs “safe” from your kind! ARGG.

My son's friend, let's call him TJ, is a square peg. He is very tactile and active so they put him on meds and tell him to sit still, follow the rules, be quiet, blah blah blah. He can be a nice kid; helped me in the garden once, pulled out a shrub I wanted out of the ground, worked his skinny little bum off. And with a great attitude. If our stinking law would not have required that he be imprisoned for 18 years of his life in a living hell, he would have been just fine. He would have learned hands-on lessons and if he could have been in the real world, working, making and managing money. Paying real dues, leaning to be responsible. He could have been a very productive member of society. But if we don't indoctrinate and imprison everyone, it wouldn't be fair now would it, and the goons would not have as much influence and control over us.

So TJ gets in repeated trouble and makes some enemies, you know some of the good little worker drones don't like him, or are scared of him. So when they see he has a pocket knife while in the government's indoctrination center, they report him and with our dang no tolerance policy he gets carted off to jail and once in the system, more charges are brought against him. He did get off somewhat after getting a lawyer. But in the end, he still won't obey the stupid rules of the halfway house and etc. and because of their mistakes he looses his job. (This story is much condensed.) Not being able to find another full time job, he is threatened with going to prison for several years. Rather than go back to lock up, he runs away. So now you've got an 18 year old young man on the run. He has nothing. No friend to go with him, no family, no high school diploma, no income, and a hard time trying to get a job because there is a warrant for his arrest. He could be sleeping on the streets cold and hungry right now and it ticks me off. And he leaves a baby behind that was already abandoned by the young mother.

Number one, he shouldn't have had to go to school unless he chose to. We keep our kids dependent and young for way too long. If their bodies are able to produce their own children, but we say they are still children for 6- 8 more years; I think something is wrong with that picture. (Yes, I know some little girls get their periods very early, but that is the exception, or is from getting too many hormones in their diet or from being exposed to estrogen-like substances; that is not what I am talking about. And I don't think a kid should start having kids just because they can. What I am saying is we try and keep them kids too long so we have more control over them.)

Many societies have a recognition ceremony of some kind at puberty and welcome the youth into the adult circle and let them know that they accept them, but now they are “running with the big boys.” This gives the youth an opportunity to understand what being a man is, and letting him start to take responsibility for himself. I think that is great deal better than if the youth is left to being only with others as immature as he is, with little to no responsibility and with little input from the adult community as we seem to think is just the way to do it.

Number two, why shouldn't the kid have a pocket knife? He didn't hurt anyone with it. When I was in high school, kids could bring their shot gun to school in their car. No big deal. But now a five year old can't even say bang bang and make a gun with his hand without being reprimanded, expelled even! And we let the goons keep making these insane rulings.

Number three, why is locking someone up the only answer we can come up with? What good does that do for anyone? It usually makes a borderline kid more of a mess and it costs the taxpayer exorbitant amounts - to pay the guards, the cooks, the medical and cleaning crew etc. and to build the facility itself. And don't forget the family the incarcerated left behind to go on welfare. Now I understand if someone is killing and raping beyond a doubt, they should be removed, but this kid just did not want to play by their insane rules.

We have been so dang brainwashed that we can't even understand the basic premise of what it means to be human. And we have swallowed, hook, line and sinker what the goons have fed us.

I think one of the biggest mistakes, if not perhaps The biggest one we ever made was to allow the creation of “public” schools. In so doing we abdicated our children to the goons. And not only our children, but ourselves. My husband could have run a particular type of processing operation, but because he did not have a sheepskin, they wouldn't even look at his application. But back when he graduated, it was not such a necessity to go to college. It just shows the progression of their control.

You cannot have a career in medicine, law, or a variety of other things without a thorough indoctrination and then the passing of a test. What if you are capable, a genius even, and are competent? Doesn't matter, you have to jump though the assigned hoops and if you don't, you are denied.

Who gave the goons the right to deny a man from pursuing what he wants to do with his life?
No one did outright, they just outsmarted us and we let them. The price of liberty is eternal diligence and we sure got lazy, so now we are in bondage.

We look back at slavery and wonder how people could have allowed it, but IT WAS LEGAL. And those who helped a slave get to freedom were breaking the law and would have to pay the consequences if caught.

I hope someone helps TJ, even if they are breaking the law.

May God have mercy on you my reader, and TJ tonight, may you both have a warm bed and a warm meal.


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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Wow, HUP! That was very beautiful and heart-felt. I think I agree with just about everything you wrote. 'The system', this system that we operate under is such a mess!! Public schools, colleges, are all little indoctrination centers where parents can abdicate their power. My MIL started dog grooming years ago as a way to stay home with her kids. You know you need a degree now to do that? TO CUT DOGS' HAIR!!!!! Seriously? How idiotic are we that we think a piece of paper makes someone good at something? Praying that your son's friend finds his way in life. The schools and the system still didn't help him. (And yes, the gun/knife rules are absolutely beyond ridiculous!!! Just more indoctrination!)

Help U Prep said...

Yes, it is a way to indoctrinate and also to identify the "troublemakers" and who will not allow themselves to be brainwashed!
I really need to dig out 1984 for a re-read~
thanks for the kinds words,

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I've never read 1984--it's on my to-do list! Someday!

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